Let the games begin...

February 13 2006
Well it finally happened, snow! After waiting patiently for 4 days the ground was finally covered enough to go outside and play....Drifting is what I am talking, I don't know what you could confuse that with..

Though conditions were not great, the ground on select church parking lots was sufficient enough to get some good runs. I ended up with 3-4 excellent side-to-side-to-side-to side runs (having my rims in the my rear seat/trunk area helped get some weight back there!

All in all, good times were had...I'm glad I didn't have to wait any longer, but Im hoping for a round 2 (with friends).

peace guys, please drive safe!

Disclaimer: Ryan is a pimp (vouches: Lauren Nicdao) and knows how to drive + whip out the back end of his vehicle. All attempts to reach his pimpness should require the skillz, focus, and suitable driving area and conditions. Bee Safe!


February 13 2006
haha you did donuts without me? are you crazy? remember what happened last time? and who for real told me that next time it snowed, he'd take me? i think that was you. are you sure wer're friends mr. conley? let's just hope it snows again or someone's in trouble...

Ryan Conley

February 14 2006
No, the only donuts I did were completely unintentual. I was drifting remember?