Need a T-Shirt or Graphic Made?

January 12 2006

Need a t-shirt or graphic/sticker made???

have officially entered into a business venture with two close friends
called Paper Street Graphics. We will make to order t-shirts, signs,
vinyls, and the like at very competitive prices. So in the future, when
you have a fantastic idea for a t-shirt, or need an awesome flyer
design, or whatever, please check us out first. Thanks!


January 12 2006
pretty nifty...i have a design etc i was looking to get printed on a shirt. i will keep yall in mind when i come up with the money to do it. sounds good.. will see ya.


January 13 2006
nice man, who are the two you went into it with? if we need some stuff here in hawaii ill call you...

Nathan Moore

January 13 2006
are you doing screenprinting or just design?

Ryan Conley

January 13 2006
In order: Caleb- Thanks, please keep us in mind when it comes time to make the tees! Justin- Just let me know man, I will do the best I can to help you guys out over there. Nathan- We will be doing both designing and printing off the t-shirts, signs, any vinyls. If the vinyl is for a car, we will also do installation.


January 13 2006
Hey Hey! My photography class is currently trying to figure out a shirt, actually we are voting on it as I type. so we will let you know. :)

Marybeth Jensen

January 16 2006
It was taken at Stone Door.

where is my love?~

January 17 2006
hey buuuddy! congrats on the business. It was awesome talkin to you last night. We should hang out while Im at home this week. Gimme a call! ~Julia