January 02 2006
Well I just got back in town from the Campus Life Chicago trip, and I officially have post trip blues haha. It's so weird being in a room all by yourself after sharing a hotel room with 3 other guys for 5 days, and riding home in a van with 10 people for about 10 hours.

On another note, the volunteer small group was awesome. We covered several topics that I have been struggling with for the past semester, and continue too deal with. I am also reading a great book by Rob Bell titled "Velvet Elvis: Repainting the Christian Faith" and I more than encourage anyone and everyone to read this book. (Rob Bell is an excellent speaker who helps put on the Nooma series of short flims.) This book along with last week's small group have stirred up alot of things in my head.
I do too many things, and sadly my quiet time and school work are the first things to get cut. I need to devote myself to prayer and listen for what I need to cut out of of my life, or swap some priorities in my time to get done what needs to be done...Yet there are still several things that I would love(and need) to devote more of my time too...All of this will come in time, I just need to be still listen and be patient.

Happy New Year eveyone, I hope everyone had a fun and safe time last weekend. Best of luck with everyone going back to school tomorrow, and in the following weeks. Goodluck and God Bless.


lisa marie

January 02 2006
aw thats a really good picture of you ryan! its been too long. lol. we need to get together and sing sometime soon! be blessed - lisa

Rachael Moore

January 03 2006
i am glad that you enjoyed the trip. i was sad about missing it this year. i hope that things are going well for you ryan. i miss you and the rest of the CL people. hope you have a great day!


January 03 2006
yo jerk! I know a movie you can take me order to make up for not coming to my party.... either Brokeback Mountian or The Libertine :)