November 01 2005
Another website has come into my life that is supposed to tell the world "all about me." I have no problem with the world getting to know me, but it seems like the more websites I join the more I feel like I am forcing myself upon people. Do not get me wrong, facebook has gotten me back in touch with many many people I knew from "back in the day..." and it is fun to "poke" people and leave messges on myspace, but isn't this just 15min more out of my day? I already have trouble with time managemant on this computer, maybe one day I will get off my butt and be more ambitious. Get out into the real world and actually meet people. Ah, one day. peace.

Rachael Moore

November 01 2005
ryan conley! hello! i have not talked to you in forever! how are you doing? glad to see you on phusebox! hope you have a great night!

Nathan Moore

November 02 2005
Hey Ryan! Welcome to PhuseBox. Let me know if you run into any problems on the site...

where is my love?~

November 02 2005
Hey Ryan!!!! i was soo happy to see you had a phusebox! it made me smile :) i miss you a lot and I havent seen you in forever! but Im at college now and Im not home but I will be home for Christmas break in like a month or so, so we'll have to hang out sometime so yea.... well I'm gonna go but I'll ttyl! Good to hear from ya! ~Julia~


November 03 2005
lala's your quit asking questions before i slap you lol thanks for the pencils ryan! you're the coolest!

lisa marie

November 04 2005
hey buddy!!! i miss seeing you as often as i could a few years ago. yeah i know what you mean about the million different websites a person can have. its all become a part of life tho. lol. good thoughts. i'll ttyl-be blessed - lisa