So I completely forgot Phusebox existed

December 04 2006

Until now...

How active are my friends?  I sure haven't been, but this semester has been by far the busiest semester thus far in school/life.


I'v got a great girlfriend, Chelsea...

The teg is down, and awaiting a JDM front, Killer alarm + numerous layers of security.  There is also a strong possibility that it will no longer remain at my house, but in a garage safe and sound.  Motor plans don't exist right now, but I don't have the money anyway.

Expo 7 is a go!

School sucks, but if it wasn't hard it wouldn't be worth doing.  I can't wait to get out.  Hang in there!



So much to say, so much

August 26 2006
Not gonna lie...there is a ton of stuff going right now.  Too much, and school hasn't even started.  Half the stuff know one would know about, and the other half really isn't that big but my mind gets a little too heavy at times.  This is officially a rant that isn't going anywhere, so please just keep me and my family in your prayers.  Thanks.

On a side note, I'v finished season 2 of House MD...and officially bored.  So now I have to get off my butt physically and mentally.

I'm bored...

August 12 2006
So I am house sitting in a really nice house, with a cool dog, for some extremely cool people. Problem is, you can only watch so much tv....maybe it's time for House M.D. to go into the dvd player. If you're bored give me call, cause I'd enjoy some company. Peace.

Late breaking news: M. Night is a pimp

August 03 2006
If you haven't already, go see Lady in the Water. No, it's not a horror/scarry movie so don't go into thinking that. Listen to the plot and take the movie for what it is and tell me what you think about it....I will wait, so go!


August 02 2006
So I get home from FL Monday evening which was pretty good. It was definitely a Grizwald family vacation..and I realize why I haven't been on a family trip in over 4 years.

Anyways, the 94' hatch was sold at 7pm, and I purchased my 91' hatch at about 8 oclock. Not bad eh? Not to mention I took home $1250 to the bank through the process.

As soon as I get pictures I will post them, I'm pretty pysched on the purchase.

Home again

July 16 2006
So I'm back home from another mission trip, and yet again everything seems unfamilar. Yes, this is my room....with all of my "stuff" yet it doesn't seem like I live here. I return home transfigured, changed, but how do I keep myself from changing back...molding back to this home of mine?

I had a blast with everyone at St. Paul's on our ReCreation trip and really didn't want to come home. I can speak for everyone who came on this trip that God's presence was felt in a truly mighty way. It's Sunday at 230pm, and I already want to shower(given) and then immediately pickup the phone and dial these kid's numbers to hang out. I'm really looking forward to spending time with them this week, and definitely the rest of the summer.

I hope all is going extremely well for everyone else. Hit me up if you want to hang. Peace

I'm ghondie

July 08 2006
Heads up, in case you have been out of it for the past three weeks....3 must have albums:  Guster, Dashboard Confessional "Dusk and Summer", and Counting Crows new live album.

In the meantime, I am a one man wrecking machine and I'm taking my time waving this town,.....goodbye.

I'm out on a mission trip with St. Paul's so I'l talk to you guys the 16th after 2pm.  Please lift up our group in prayer, along with my good friend Kaylie.

Peace, and may the Lord be with you.


Buying Fireworks?

July 02 2006

If you need any fireworks, drop by my family's tent and say hey and help us out.  We are located across from Neil Sandler Toyota on Church Street/Hwy231 and Warrior Drive.  Thanks guys.

Also, the new Dashboard Confessional cd is darn good so pick it up from your local indy cd shop if you can lol.  I really recommend track 6 for all you counting crows fans.  August 18th in Nashville if no one was aware. Peace guys


More inconsistant updates

June 25 2006
Last week was Campus Life's Project Serve trip and I must say, I love being completely blown away on a mission trip. Everyone who came was there because they wanted to be,and this was evident in the amount of work they put out to accomplish the things we did. It sounds so cheezey, but I really saw God at work....and it was realyl moving to be a part of it.
If you werent' missed it, but the good news is there is going to be another one next year.....and you shouldn't miss it. CL is definitely an awesome program that is really do great things with youth today and I'm thrilled to be a part of it.

In other news, I saw bump girls and I am eagerly awaiting Dashboard's new cd that comes out Tuesday. Until then, The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most has been on a good rotation in the that sounds so depressing.

Anyways, I hope all is going well for everyone else. Take care.



June 12 2006
Well I hate stumbling, and I hate falling....but that's just part of life.  Life throws you curveballs and many you never can hit.  (yes, that's a line from a Jimmy Buffett song)

But at the end of the day, and now past the weekend, I'm standing taller and knowing more and more who I am and more importantly who my God is.  This is a time where I am just going to have to trust him, and put my trust in him.  -cause I don't know what I'm doing (like I ever do.)

So yet again, my life gets a little simpler for the time being and the weekend has brought some excellent qualities in several of my good friends.  It's great to know they are there when I need them, and I look forward to returning the favor.

On an OT note, I just bought a sweet tv and home theater.  I haven't even gotten to setting up the onkyo system, but sweet nectar this tv is awesome!

Yay, that is all I have to type

May 16 2006
A good friend of mine has told for the longest time to, "Chase what makes your heart flutter." I'm chasing...and I think she is letting me catch up which is a wonderful wonderful feeling...

Couldn't find the perfect lyrics, so I will quote the very person I am talking about:

"So...I really like this feeling..."

More song lyrics

May 14 2006
In response to last night :)

Hands Down, Dashboard Confessional

Breathe in for luck, breathe in so deep, this air is blessed,
you share with me
This night is wild, so calm and dull,
these hearts they race from self control
Your legs are smooth, as they graze mine, we're doing fine, we're doing nothing at all

My hopes are so high, that your kiss might kill me.
So won't you kill me, so I die happy?
My heart is yours to fill or burst, to break or bury,
Or wear as jewelery, which ever you prefer.

The words are hushed lets not get busted, just lay entwined here, undiscovered
Safe from the earth and all the stupid questions...
"Hey did you get some?" Man, that is so dumb.
Stay quiet, stay near, stay close they can't hear, so we can get some

Hands down this is the best day I ever remember
I'll always remember the sound of the stereo,
the dim of the soft lights
The scent of your hair that you twirled in your fingers
And the time on the clock when we realized it's so late
And this walk that we shared together
The streets were wet, and the gate was locked so I jumped it, and let you in
And you stood at the door with your hands on my waist
And you kissed me like you meant it
And I knew that you meant it, that you meant it, that you meant it


May 11 2006
Dashboard Confessional's "So Impossible" EP is going to be playing in my car all day long. Wish me luck.


May 10 2006
We're At The Top Of The World (To The Simple, Two)
-The Juliana Theory

We're at the top of the world, you and I.
We've got alot of time and it sure feels right.
Cause you reached in your pocket
And pulled out a pass, says you can take me anywhere.

Sha la la la sha la la la sha la la la la la la
Sha la la la sha la la la la la la

We're on the top of the world, here tonight.
We've got alot of time and it sure feels right.
Cause I'm up here running behind you.
I'm up here running in repeat.

Sha la la la sha la la la sha la la la la la la

Were at the top of the world, you and I.
We've got a lot of time and it sure feels right. cause
you reached in your pocket and pulled out a pass...
You can take me AnywheEeEere

You can take me anywhere

Sha la la la sha la la la sha la la la la la la
yeah yeah yeah yeah you can take me anywhere
Sha la la la, sha la la la la la la

If I wasn't old last year, I definitely am now...

April 20 2006
21, today. Definitely a little weird and exciting all the same time.

RC Drift Action

March 28 2006
So I drove an RC Drift Car Sunday afternoon, and it pretty much made my day. I have so much going on constantly, and now I might be buying a house......and I have to wonder, "Am I ready to grow up?" It was so nice just to be a kid again, so once I get paid, I am heading down to the devilish corporation wal-mart is and buying one. (That's the only place I have found this particular one.)

I'm almost 21, yet I am STILL a Toys R Us kid...

Drift action here we come!

In reponse to my previous post, today was a bad day...

March 17 2006

Eh, my title isn't negative, it just aides in keepin things in perspective.

Yesterday, was one of those days.  We all have them, and just do what we can to get through them.  One project, One exam, and two quizzes later I finally make it home and walk in to find my SS's coilovers sitting in my floor.  (Not going lay, I say YEEEES! just like a kid on Christmas morning)  So I did what every kid does on Christmas morning, and cut the tape with what I could find in my room (who needs scissors, too much work...right?) and get most of the tape off.  The rest I start ripping...until I grabbed the very last tid bit of taped corner and pulled up.  Only to realize that I had a sharp object in my finger.  Notice I said "in", not cutting, not slicing, not dodgeing, dipping, diving, or dodging, but "in."  So I let go...and scream  " OOW"  *how to spell that?

My Dad screams if everything is alright, but by this time blooding on th get the point and I am on my way to the bathroom.  While there I suck it up like a man, and just realize these things happen.  I start to wonder why I don't get sick when these things happen, but I do when I try and give blood (I am on strike II of 2 attmpts)....until I started getting sick!  haha, so then I just found a happy place and waiting a long time until the blood stopped...

I'm sure everyone has either quit reading, or is so disgusted they can't stop reading so let me bail you out.  The moral of the story is, bad things happen, so get over it.  You are going to have a bad day, and you are going to fail a test, stub your toe, break a shoe lace, spill your coffee, had just have a bad day.  But like my boss said this morning, "But God is good and got your through it."  He followed by saying, that "every bad day is a lesson in integrity," and I believe both of these statements.

So if you are having a bad day, *listen to Fuel "Bad Day"*I bid you goodluck, and I hope that you do your best to keep things into perspective.  Because today I had a conversation with a man today who is in more pain that I ever could have been in last night, and has a long road ahead of him- and that put my "bad day" into a much greater perspective, because my "bad day" would have a been a good day for him.

Keep your heads up guys, because tomorrow is a new day.  A brand new day.  This is Ryan Conley signing off, Stay Classey San Diego.

Hm yes...Today was a good day

March 11 2006
I love TN when the weather is it was today. The entire day I thought it was goign to thunderstorm(as did the weathermen/women *trying to be politically correct here*) but the weather was fantastic.

I rarely get to work on my car, (and now cars haha) but today the weather was perfect, and my dragon run visit was canceled so I had a full day to work on my teg.

I feel good, darn good, because I was extremely productive and that makes me happy. I know I am lame, but get over it- I am.

peace guys, get out and enjoy life.

YA! Down to 2 cars....

March 05 2006
So everyone thinks I a total baller, and that I have 4 cars...Not true. I did however, have 2.5 cars for a while (yes do the math on that one...)

Today, I sold car No.2.....and finished paying off car No. 3

I completely forgot the feeling of satisfaction that you get when you drive home for the first time. The CRX was fun, but I didn't get that feeling.

Hatchback attack $%**&^ -If you haven't seen "Chronic of Narnia", click this link...I will wait.

As a note,I am very fortunate to live in this country, at this time, with this job, and this family to support me in everything I do(Hobbies, work, school, life.) -Trying to be humble here.

Peace guys

Mommy, I want to be a soccer playa!

March 01 2006
Go here, be amazed: