Clint Nadeau





January 27 2006

Before me The Race.

He lives this life
Shaped by my past
Passion calls.

And all these complications-
Tied around me,
Chin to my chest,
Fists white,
Veins prominant,
Heavy breathing.

My eyes look up
Muscles flex
Mind whispers ...Take the weight I tow
Tears find they're way down
Mouth calls out
Heart pours
Hands outstretched
You can't go on until you learn to let go.

My lips speak His name
And in my shame
I fall at His grace.
In my worst He calls me back to Him.
Unbinds confusion.
Acquited of the secret places I hide.

Hands outstretched
Alive. Delivered. Relieved...
Free, Free, Free
Jesus, my heart won't forget your mercies
With my new life I pledge to honor, You.

Tears find they're way down.
You brought me up.

Rachael Vance

January 27 2006