2 Weeks..

January 29 2006
Our 2 week is tomorrow. Pretty nice,eh? I usually don't keep the girl this long hahahaha.

I have an amazing night planned for V-day...as amazing as I can,at least.

School and all that jazz will go on,and then I'll come home...

The weekend before I'll have bought chocolate,a card,and roses for her. Then that afternoon I'll get ready,and we'll meet up for a few hours at Red Lobster,one of the classiest restaruants I know,lol. I'll give her gifts and treat her to a romantic meal.

I'm also gonna try and find someone who can help me burn a cd for her...my burner is busted.

Chris Slate,

February 01 2006
hey... thanks for the remark...and yeh... the friends thing doesnt work to much for me... heck... its been two days and i barely even talked to her today... then again... she really pissed me off... so i dont wanna talk to her... but its cool.... ill get another chick