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so...i found out i have 2 waists

July 13 2005
bowling is always fun, especially when i win. infortunately, tonight, i didnt win. one game i actually bowled a 9. but it was fun. i got to see JAMIE! (who i havent seen in forever and a day!) well, thats it. later

Jamie Smith

July 14 2005
YAY for seeing me!! Im glad u came since u are right I havent seen you in like forever! I missed ya!


July 14 2005
lol glad u had fun!

kyle cantrell

July 14 2005
I bowled..good..kinda.

Elisabeth Barber

July 16 2005
hey. i met you a long time ago but i red your remark to Brittany Dickens. haha, so Nick Carter told you about us backing him a choc cake w/choc icing and giving it to him at work? haha.. maybe if youre REALLY nice brittany and I will make you one, even though iuno you.

Crystal Smalley

July 16 2005
you.....suck.... that is all. miss you.

kyle cantrell

July 18 2005
Yeah, a person can have to waists.