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November 15 2005

The peircing of silence

complete solitude

Im alone in the darkness

I reached out to you

you saved me, you made me whole again

thankyou Jesus you made me whole again....


November 15 2005

(verse 1)

Why cant i get you off my mind

its nothing but a waste of time

to dwell on things that just can never be

you`re so beautiful in every way

your perfect smile, it never fades

what i would give for us to just be....


 Its not fair that you cant always get what you want

its not fair that your out of my league

Its not fair deep inside that i know you`re the one

its not fair you`re so far out of reach...

(verse 2)

(you`re) so perfectly irrissistable

youre all i want, and even more

(but) i cant let you know how i feel

(i) feel as though you see right through me

(i) have you know you`re so amazing

what i would do for this to be real...

(chorus 2x`s)


November 15 2005

i`m gonna turn my back on

all of those familliar places

 50 different shades of lonely

smeared across a million  faces

im gonna take this time to sit back

 and think about you for the last time

so im erasing you from me

every single memory......

even that smile, seeming so innocent and sweet..

could take a heart and break it

   and baby i cant take it

your eyes could kill me with one glance

and speak those words you wont dare say

so close your eyes and whisper..that goodbye so cold and empty

close your eyes and erasing you from me


October 29 2005

i am no longer using phusebox..

<3 Chelsey