so yeah...

April 25 2006

Things are going pretty good i just SO READY for SUMMER!! I just cant even wait....i know its going to be AMAZING!!(right Ami...) ha i cant wait to just hang out with all my AMAZING friends and not have to worry about anything...AHH i simply cant wait.

Here are some new and old and just plain random and abi!!

i <3 her...

Crazy Kids!

ya got to do what you gotta do!!

= )WHOA!

We've got this to look foward to ALL SUMMER LONG!!






SUMMERS COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i love yall!


April 26 2006
I love you to baby lol I had fun tonight lol ooohhh...a little to close there baby lol wow good times...see ya lata

Christine Kitts

April 26 2006
remark remark remark how's that for a remark?!?! love you chelsea!


April 27 2006
well, come on now. u dont owe me an apology, u know im here for you. and i love you in christ. and im praying for you all the way, but u dont owe me an apology. im no better than u, we are all the same. the same temptations all the way around. so its all good. and yea, if u do it. do it for God. Do it all for him. Then we will see who has got the courage to do it to that.

kaitlin gay

April 27 2006
that is a very cute picture of you and i.. and i love it very much.. but i love you even more, even though you didnt wear your glasses today-well.. i didnt either? but, you called me a loser. i love you, though. so-yeah. the end.. heheh =)


April 28 2006
ahhh!!! ITS CLINT PERRY!!! RUN!!

Ben Moser

April 29 2006
i would try it without if you dont want to give away the info, but if it doesnt register, then put it in.