March 23 2006

Hey there you all! So I haven't updated in like 20 billion years & its because I am grounded. & I still am. I am just @ school typing this in computer class. So yeah. But I have an "F" in my math class right now so that's why. But anyways... when I get ungrounded I will write a new blog. So other then that leave me some comments if you feel like it. I <3 yall.

God Bless,

*+*Chandelle Nicole*+*


December 30 2005

Hey there everyone! Well I can say that I am VERY happy that Phusebox is working again. Anyways... I hope everyone had a Wonderful Christmas.

And I hope you have a Happy New Year 2 come!

I <3 yall.

God Bless,

*+*Chandelle Nicole*+*

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 24 2005

Hey all you fly people! Lol, I think I'm 1 of the biggest Losers ever sometimes. But all well. Anyways... I haven't updated on this thing in a good while so I just thought that I would come write in it. And plus it's Thanksgiving so it gives me something 2 say. Because I'm sure you don't want 2 read about boring old stuff. But I just wanted 2 say Happy Thanksgiving. And I hope everyone's food is really good. Lol, and don't eat 2 much. Even though I'm sure everyone will because you have all this amazing food in front of you. But enough said about that. My parents made me write down what I want 4 Christmas seeing how it's like right around the cornor. And I wrote a car because I am about 2 start driving be 4 Christmas so yeah. I guess we will see how that goes. Pretty sure if I do get it I'm going 2 be driving up 2 Murfreesboro like all most every weekend. Because I miss all of yall like CrAzY! All though yall might get tired of seeing me. Or maybe you don't want 2 see me. Who knows? Lol, anyways... I will talk 2 yall l8ter!

Leave me some comments!

I <3 yall

God Bless,

*+*Chandelle Nicole*+*


November 05 2005

Wow, long time no update! Anyways... I just thought I would come write in this thing. And uhh... I guess talk about whats been going on. Well I have been really busy with cheerleading. I have had 3 cheer compititions the past 3 weeks and placed 1st in the first 2 and 2nd in todays. We were all disappointed in ourselves because we knew we could do better then what we did. But hey you can't win them all right? Anyways... I go 2 practice it seems like everyday. Kinda gets old but I have 2 say even though it gets old I love every minute of it. Well nothing else is really new. So I guess I will talk 2 yall l8ter! Leave me some comments.

I <3 yall!

God Bless,

*+*Chandelle Nicole*+*


October 03 2005
Well hey there 2 the people that actually read this thing. Lol, anyways... well 4 the one's that don't know I met a guy named Logan and yeah now were dating. We have been dating 4 a little over a week now. Not that long I know. But hey! @ least I'm meeting people. Yeah this 1 is pretty great. Treats me right and everything. So yeah! He's pretty cool. He plays football 4 the school so I went 2 the game and watched him play. Yeah, pretty sure my friends and me all went 2 Rivergate Mall and got these shirts made that had Sycamore War Eagles on the front and then on the back it has our boyfriends last name with there football # on the back. We all wore them on Friday. So that was cool. There pretty cute. We got them airbrushed. So yeah. Anyways... don't really know what else 2 say. Went 2 the Lake house this weekend. That was pretty fun. Got 2 ride the 4-wheeler. All most got into a wreck. So yeah that wouldn't have been good. Other then that things are pretty good here in the life of Chandelle! Lol, well talk 2 you guys l8ter!!

Sycamore game!

September 23 2005
Hey there. Well I finally decided 2 update this thing. So yeah! Anyways... awe I'm so excited I'm going 2 the Sycamore football game tonight. First football game that I will be going 2 this year 4 my new High School. And I get 2 watch Logan play. Yay! Awe you guys speaking of Logan I met this guy. He's a Junior and he plays football. And yeah we are talking. And I heard that he is going 2 ask me out on Monday! Maybe even tonight after the game because well I'm staying after and metting his mama. Yeppers!! Lol, he's such a sweetheart you guys. But anyways... I better go get ready 4 the big game!!! I

New @ this

September 19 2005
Well hey there. Pretty sure I'm new @ this. Guess I'm just trying 2 keep up with everyone since I moved. Well I will try and get this lookin a little better. Talk 2 you guys l8ter!