an update (real creative huh?)

May 07 2006

so, i'm sitting here at work with 3 other coworkers and it's a sunday afternoon.  (aka real boring) but it's all good. steve's parents and best friend jeff came into town from florida this weekend to watch him graduate. it was real fun. i've met jeff before and think of him like a brother so it was amazing to get to hang out with him all weekend. and, i got to meet steve's parents. they are awesome. i think they like me (phew!) so that's always a good thing. we went out to eat a few times, watched shawshank redemption and went to graduation. my baby graduated! i was so proud of him. i took his parents to demos' for the first time and they loved it. they gave me rights to choose where we eat from now on. and steve's sister also had her baby either late friday night or saturday it's a good thing she didn't come down for his graduation!!

oh - i got a job being the manager of telemarketing for nashville i'll start working on that this next week. exciting! a leadership position for me in a copany...scary! i'm actually growing up!

i think we're actually gunna bring a tv back here in the office so i'm going to get busy with that....cya!

Naima Khandaker

May 08 2006
Carla, I am confused. How many jobs do you have?