August 11 2005
i'm actually ready to go back to school...
well more than our 2 hour day today...
i guess i'm just ready to get into it..

i'm exxxxxxxtreeeeemlllllllllly excited about psyc. this year... eeeek i love Dr. Vanzant..
and Mrs. Haskins... i think i'm going to love her..


August 07 2005

so anyone want to run away with me...

i won't be gone for long...
only till next summer.

SaY Hi To Your Mom.

August 05 2005

Lets Talk About Spaceships, Numbers & Mumbles.

August 04 2005

photo from browneyedgirl_88

dear boobs..
i wish you weren't so massive,
so that way i could fit into my little boy's t-shirt i bought..
but of course,
as usual you just have to be too big..
thanks alot,


August 04 2005
luckily i have connections..
she fixed it for me..
[and to add.. it wasn't my guidance counsler to fix it...
she has never fixed any of my problems for me..
it always has to be someone else that fixes them]
so no more major scheduling problems..
only that i have ms. high/whatever her new name is..
and i HATEHATEHATE that woman...

DIE BLACKMAN.. and all the administrators involved with Scheduling..

August 03 2005
I'm already having scheduling conflicts and we're not even in school yet..

I hate the WHOLE administration and guidance aspect of blackman..

they dont know what they're doing..

they're too concerned with sports and whatnot....

ohhh i hate school..

senior year.. dont even begin to tell me i'll enjoy it.. trust me, i won't.

dear blackman,
please catch on fire in the next week.
not looking forward to go back,


August 02 2005

photo from browneyedgirl_88

This Is Ms. Hoffstetters house.. for those of you kids at BHS that had her..
very cute house i might say.. with a cute little blue tin roof..

photo from browneyedgirl_88

and these are the flowers that Ms. Hoffstetter has around her house.. hah kaylie and i went on an adventure to her house..
she lives wayy out there..
for those of you who care.

Photo From browneyedgirl_88

August 01 2005

photo from browneyedgirl_88

i love alyssa.. hah.

photo from browneyedgirl_88

and occasionally shawn.

photo from browneyedgirl_88

and i def. love curly and kim all the time.

photo from browneyedgirl_88

Chris loves anna though..

photo from browneyedgirl_88

and i love my razor and shaving cream.



August 01 2005

photo from browneyedgirl_88

jones soda popsicles!!!


August 01 2005
the thought of school makes me sick.

your mom goes to college

July 31 2005
[i'm in the process of blowing up 200+ water balloon..
eeeek but i'll pay off.
heh. just trust me on this]

photo from browneyedgirl_88

i entitle this picture. "Becca's Shoes"

Photo From browneyedgirl_88

July 29 2005

photo from browneyedgirl_88

I love Curly!

photo from browneyedgirl_88

and I love Hope...

photo from browneyedgirl_88

and I really love becca!

The Trip was Great. Much love to all that went..


July 26 2005

watch this video now!

mae is the new michael jackson.
so get over it.

and my hair is darker.

i'm going whitewater rafting tomorrow.
&&& tubing thursday.
&&&rappeling and ropes course on friday..

behave.. i be back saturday early,early morning.

wave now goodbye.
it's the lesson you've now been given
you can always move on to better things.

photo from browneyedgirl_88

[told you my hair was darker. ]

so who wants to run away and get married?

July 25 2005
face it, everyone's afraid of their own life.


July 24 2005
xanga still has my heart.

I've Given In

July 23 2005
So I've given into Phusebox...
everyone happy now?