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One Scary Night!

January 08 2007
Last night someone tried to break into our house.  I was so scared.  I was at home with my brother while my Mom was at work.  It was about 10:30.  I had a lot of lights on in the house, which strikes me as weird.  I wouldn't try and break into somebody's house if I saw lights on.  It was dead quiet because Matt was asleep and I was in the process of putting in a movie.  All of a sudden, I heard the glass door open, and someone try to open the front door which was locked.  The dogs immediately went to the door and started to bark.  It scared the crap out of me.  I immediately called my Mom at work and then called the sheriff.  When the sheriff arrived, He talked to me, looked around the outside of the house, and then drove around the neighborhood.  He told me he would have the neighborhood patrolled for the next couple of nights.  The dogs are probably what scared the attempting intruder away.  Hopefully it will never happen again.

Jonathan Wood

January 08 2007
Hopefully not!


January 09 2007
I'm glad you had the dogs to scare him off!

James White

January 10 2007
Yay for the dogs! --Keep the door locked