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Cheers to the New Year!

December 31 2006

2006 is coming to an end.  It's hard to believe that time has gone by so fast.  My life has changed pretty dramatically this past year. 

My grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Because my grandmother and I are so close, it was something I struggled a lot with.  Luckily I has such wonderful support from my friends and and family.  She had a mastectomy to remove the cancer.  We then found out that the cancer had reached her limp nodes, so she had a second surgery to remove that cancer.  She is cancer free now, but there is still the chance that the cancer could return.  I also graduated from high school this past May and moved to Tennessee about seven days later.  I left my closest friends and the majority of my family.  It was a big change.  I moved a lot when I was younger, and this transition was the hardest I've had to make by far.  I think the biggest thing for me this year was starting college.  I started my first semester at Tennessee Tech this fall.  It was a new beginning.  I have made some wonderful friends and am now in a relationship with a great guy.

2006 was full of smiles, tears, struggles, and joys. There was a lot of change, but mostly for the best.  I can only hope that 2007 will be just as great, and I am welcoming all that it has in store for me with open arms.