July 06 2006
in THREE days I will be MARRIED.
that's just plain crazy.  but i am waaaay excited!  and after that, it's the beach!  i hear it calling to me... man, i love the beach!
i'm not really all about updating any more.  maybe it's because, for a little while there, my life was out of control craziness!  but things have slowed down... except for this whole wedding thing... and otherwise life is back to real.  i think i lost it for a little while there.  but i feel like i'm fully fuctioning once again - yay!
darin and i hosted our first official holiday together yesterday - we had a cookout for people helping with the wedding - and it was great!  then we headed up to nashville for the best fireworks in the world.  i love this place.
welp.  that's about all i've got right now.  i'm busy trying to think of fun adjectives to describe all of our attendents.... and the creative part of my brain is just absolutely fried.  if i have to make another decision i think i'll