January 30 2006

so here's the thing.  this is our website.  it may not be completely finished, but - let's face it - between the two of us, it may never be!  so if you feel as though you need to see the final product, check it periodically.  :)  enjoy...

Rachael Moore

January 30 2006
we created one on the knot... but i like this way better! so i am in the process of creating one for nathan and i!


January 30 2006
I love it! It's exciting to read your stories. One thing... how did you meet?

Sherri Shouse

February 02 2006
i miss you too cass! i saw this girl the other day and i thought she could be your identical twin! she even dressed like you, except for her shoes. she had these crazy sparkly things on that i don't think are your style:)