wifi and foxes

January 21 2006
i'm at starbucks.  downtown chicago.  waiting on darin to finish taking the GRE.  just a couple more hours left... but he graciously gave me his ipod and laptop - so this is actually very entertaining.  and i LOVE to people watch in the city!  i just sit here and stare.
you know what urks me?  i tried to get online when i first got here (at 8) and they have that t-mobile hotspot thing.  that stuff is EXPENSIVE.  then a couple hours later, as i was avoiding homework, i decided to search for other wireless networks.  there's like THREE free ones in this area.  why the heck charge me $10 when i can easily get it for free.  good thing i'm smarter than the average cassie.
last night it snowed - really big, wet snow.  i know y'all got out at home the other day for "snow" but really.  sometimes i just wish so badly that you could see this stuff.  it was amazing!
also - i ran into a fox in the quad on thursday.  they say there are actually 2.  a FOX.  no joke.  strange, huh?
so far i have all but 1 short paper finished for this week.  being this ahead of schedule is slightly scary.  i have plenty of time to finish that last paper right now, but i really feel like i just can't be that good.  it's an identity issue.
ok - maybe i'll try.

Sherri Shouse

January 22 2006
i thought you got a discount if you were a tmobile member? and aren't you? aw, who knows. panera usually has free wifi though:).