January 19 2006

so i was in the fitness center this morning and tv #3 caught my eye...

"A Houston pastor is putting a new spin on Apple Computer Inc.'s popular iPods, telling his Baptist congregation that the simple gadgets contain a religious lesson: Life can also be simple.

'The reason the outside of the iPod is so simple to use and so beautiful to look at is because of the way they designed the inside of the iPod,' Metropolitan Baptist Church Pastor Sal Sberna told his congregation Sunday during his second of four sermons on iPod Theology.

'All you do on the outside is push the little button, drive the wheel and pick what usefulness you want out of your iPod,' he said. 'And so when Jesus talks to us about simplification, it must start on the inside.'"

anyhow - fox did a big ole interview with him this morning.  very interesting.  i love a good analogy!  check out the  website!  you can download his sermons!