the flakes are comin...

November 16 2005

                          it is SNOWING!!! 
and unbelievably cold... the wind is just so intense.  it literally hurts to walk outside.  saturday, at home, justin was wearing shorts and flipflops.  today - just 4 days and 500 miles later - snow.  good thing i remembered my winter clothes this time!

 from  sang in chapel today - good stuff!  there was a drama group too, pretty good, but they didn't let him sing much because of it - i'd like to hear more.  and you should check him out too

i have insane amounts of things to do before friday... grrrr.... back to reality.

3 DAYS til ARUBA!!!

Rachael Moore

November 16 2005
i am jealous that is snowing. i hate when it is just cold and not snowing. and i am also jealous you are going to aruba! i hope you have fun!

lisa marie

November 16 2005
hey cassie! just wanted to stop by and say hey! be blessed - lisa