October 31 2005
i QUIT phusebox sorry guys!


October 30 2005

remind me to NEVER post anything personal on here cuz ill get horrible advice lol sry aj but thats just makes me sad


September 29 2005
gosh i like this guy bunches... but i never get 2 c him && im like a sister... i realy like him... he just doesnt no it....

whats been happnin

August 25 2005
im so sry i never update!!! neways heres sum stuff thats been goin on....
i got ms8 this year
there ok
riana banana caught ben @ this lock in thingy @ her curch he has a new gf which is fine but he was holding hands w/sum1 else....jerk
aj would nt talk 2 riana and treated her like crap so im mad @ him...
nutin else has realy hapened

long time no update

July 26 2005
so sry about the non updating thing !!! thnx 4 being my friends everybody!!!!!! whew hoo!!!!! newasy got bak from San Antonio on Saturday!!!! AWEOSOM!!!! it was ssooooooooawesomely fun! lol more later!

Photo From blond@heart

June 26 2005

photo from blond@heart
is that not AWESOME!!!


June 22 2005
I have the WORST sumburn yall!! the pool was fun 2day...i saw syndey (sp) and shelby there and we hung out... i saw this dude i kinda sorta like (i barely know him so not realy) but he liked her and it was SO cute i was like awwww! and then me and shelby wanted 2 play matchamker!!! YEAH!!!!! then i got home and did nothing soo.... lol ttyl!!!

fill this ou please and thank u!!!!
1.) I ______lindsay!
2.)Lindsay is ______.
3.)If I was alone with lindsay, I would ______.
4.) I think lindsay should ______.
5.)lindsay needs ______.
6.) I want to______ lindsay.
7.)lindsay is like ______.
8.) Without lindsay , I would ______.
9.) Memories of lindsay are ______.
10.)lindsay can be ______.
11.) The best thing about lindsay is ______.
12.) I am ______ with lindsay.
13.) If I was trapped in a room with lindsay, I would ______.


June 20 2005
im bored.... very bored im bout 2 go 2 the pool if any1 wants 2 do nething call me!!!!! i went 2 c peter pan yesterday w/my mom....it wasnt in a limo this time lol but it was still REALY cool and the Lost boys were realy hot!!! lol BUT in case i havent told u im taking a break from guys i mean were only in 8th grade and God will find the right 1 4 u he ALREADY has the right 1 4 u and he will bring him 2 ya wen the time is rite!so i dont like ne1 in particular lol i just keep a look out 4 hot guys!!!! tee hee mk byes...
ps the only i dont like about phuse box is there is not html


June 17 2005
hey guys wats up...
have patience w/me here im used 2 xangas not phuse boxes but hey its worth a try nobody leave mean comments bcuz then i will cry and thats not fun..... stuff bout me......
my name: lindsay ((the coolest name in the world))

birthday: 6/11/92

yeah im 2 bored 2 say nething else lol sad yes..... well leave me sum comments... or remarks or w/e u call them ok.....
luv u guys like a fat kid loves cake....