my day

October 30 2005

hey  people i had a cool day today .i went to this feild and me tanner and ryan went in a big circle it was awesome.there was to guys that got on to us. one said for us to go home  because we were on his property . then the other one came hom and we were on private property and it didnt be long to him.which is retarted and he got on to us for a his cat scaring us and  tanner through a stick at it because he thought it was attacking me os then we headed home and on the way we yelled at the fat fag that luvs his cat. ryan said go make luv to ur cat.tanner said go pop ur estrogen pills.and i said dont pack the ham to tight.but we had maybe a 4 mile hike. i got caught on like 8 barb wire fences.but all in all i had a blast. also this is so awesome my mom said i can go rolling tommorow.which is good becuz she wuld be a hipercrit