Ben Pearcy


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rascal flatts, jack johnson

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a beautiful mind


March 19 2006
ok so i went to work saturday intending to quit and i kid you not my manager said no ben i will not let you quit. i said ok well for like 3 weeks in a row i may not be able to work and she said ok thats fine. so anyways if people heard i was quiting i was but i am not allowed to. haha.

p.s. thanks for the encouragement on my foot and running i feel 100% and should get to play tuesday evening at white county i know its a good drive there so i won't expect a big crowd to see me tear it up but i will let you know how it went on here.

beth cooper

March 19 2006
good luck at your game!

Drew Mitchell

March 31 2006
Ben sucks at soccer ! Just kidding !