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April 16 2006
Happy Easter!!!!!

I'm coming back to the Boro!

February 24 2006

So how are ya'll! i'm doing great, kinda sad that i'm having to leave everyone...but i'm sure i'll be ok! i love that i get to see all ya'll again!!! if ya'll want an update on Thailand, one ask me, or two, you can wait till a couple days, when i feel like updating! :D But overall...i'll tell you was GREAT and God totally showed up! It was the best 5 months! And I praise God that He called me to do this!!!! It was amazing and i wouldn't take back a minute of it! Even the hard times! The hard times were hard, and of course not fun! But now, I'm glad He put me through what He did! The hurt caused me to grow! And it was worth it all! God is amazing! And showed up a great deal in Thailand and all over the world! One story for ya'll! It didn't happen to my team, BUT one of my friends from the Japan team, told us an amazing story!!! Here it is: He wanted to see God move and actually wanted to see a miracle and told them team he did! So they prayed and then one of the women said why don't you pray for your teammate! His teammate actually was born with one leg 3 inches shorter than the other! So he prayed, and he was really pumped with faith at the time cause all the prayer and worship they were doing! And all of a sudden, he saw one tug on the mans leg, then two more! The guy seriously thought that he was just pulling on his leg, and thought he was being funny! But he totally had his hands off of him! His legs are now the same length! Also, the saw a half-blind woman be healed, she can now fully see...and has accepted Christ! And one story from my trip! We went to a village and we were praying for the people! One place we went to, there was a little girl who couldn't speak and she was about 3 i think! And we prayed for her, in faith, and the whole team didn't get to witness it, but about 3 of them did! They were walking away and the little girl spoke!! PRAISE GOD!!!! Anyways, i wanted to share a bit!!! Trust God and have faith and He'll continue to show up in amazing ways!!! i love ya'll and i'll see some of ya'll tomorrow!!! :D


February 06 2006
I'll be home in 19 days!!! lol!! Can't wait to see ya'll and tell ya'll all about Thailand!! Love ya'll!!!

The Best Way to Wake up at 3:15 am......

December 12 2005

So I'd like to update ya'll on my little story of how I woke up this morning! I was sleeping nicely in my own little bed...just counting my z's....and all of a sudden I hear Chelsea's cell phone go off! (I bet you're thinkin' new! I'm not done!) So I hear Chelsea answer her phone....stumble around a little bit and she goes,"What...what are you talking about?!" And I watch her as she stumbles outside...and by that time I can hear people talking outside! And in my mind I thought..."What the flip...people are partying and woke us up!" Then I hear Chelsea, not really screaming but kinda yelling...,"Ya'll get up! Come out here and see this! Hurry up.......the campus soccer field is ON FIRE!!!" And I was like,"WHAT!?!?!" I dash outside to see what is going on, and all I can see is orange color flames and smoke! Now the fire wasn't right at my building yet...but I see the flames from where I'm standing! And then we're like ok! We have to leave the building! So we get out and walk down away from village 2 (my dorm) and it's just this huge line of fire! Course, I'm flippin' out cause, I've never been in this situation before and I haven't heard anything...I'm afraid our buildings were going to be burnt down! And so people are all out there praying and watching these flames grow! And then I talk to Christi and I have to go back to the room for something....and she said she'd go with me real fast! (Don't worry...the fire wasn't spread that way real fast) but we go back and my roomates are packing "important just in case things"! So I pack some stuff I would actually need and we left! And all we did was wait! And about 30 to 45 minutes later.....the flames were going down and finally they got it under control! And it's 4:12 pm here now...and I still hear the helocopter(sp...I know, I'm a bad speller) outside dumbing water on it making sure it's all cooled off! But the crazy thing about this whole thing is when the emerals starting coming towarded the housing and stuff the wind would blow it the other way! People said it was like there was a huge wall and it looked like it was bouncing off of! With a fire like that and no one being hurt and all our buildings still up.....God totally showed up and had His hand protecting us!! And if the wind had of changed at all, it could of got us! But God was there...and He turned this whole thing around!! And even though I been up since's been a pretty cool day! lol! But yea...I thought that would make for an awesome drama story! But anyways...last night we had a thing called "Love Feast" and the Compassion group got together and had a nice dinner...some fun games and songs....and we got to get all dressed up!  It was great! And I had tons of fun! I just can't believe that I'll be leaving soon! I'm excited, nervous, and I don't know what else, all at the same time! I'll be leaving Dec. 23...which is in like 11 days! AHHHH! lol!! Well anyways...I gotta to ya'll soon! Love ya tons!!! And miss ya'll like crazy!!

ps. See ya'll in 10 weeks and 5 days! :D


December 01 2005


i'm everything you've wanted
i am the one whose haunting you
i am the eyes inside of you, stare back at you
B verse:
there's nothing left to lose
there's nothing left to prove
surrender your love, it's all you can do
what you got, what you want, what you need
gonna be your savior
everything's gonna crash and break
but i know, yeah i know
what you got what you want, what you need
gonna be your savior
everything's gonna crash and break
your savior
it's time to redefine your deophobic mind
don't hesitate, no escape
from secrets on the inside
(B verse)
i am the eyes inside staring back at you(2x)
you need me(2x) yaaaaa

I really like this song!

Thanksgiving and this past week!

December 01 2005

Hey ya'll!

 What's up!? Not much here, chillen and stuff! Flippin' out that I only have 24 days until Thailand! AHHH! But anyways! This past week has been GREAT! I got to see my family for Thanksgiving! And we got to stay at the Hilton Hawaiian Village! And it was AMAZING!!! I almost forgot what a nice bathroom and bed felt like...but I'm thankful that I even have that here on campus! But it was tons-o-fun! They even have all these animals and shopping centers and really cool stuff! Then Sunday we came back to Kona! Went to class on Monday and Monday afternoon I sat up for my parents 25 ann. and my dad and mom renewed their vows! And then that night at dinner I got sick and was sick the next day! And then my leaders let me have today off...and my parents left today too! Pray for everyone on campus! Cause we're all getting sick and alot of people are breaking things! And getting hurt! But yea! Things are going better! And like, the campus is doing really great about making it feel like Christmas around here!Sure it's hot..but during the night time it cools down and they have the Christmas lights are turned on! Hummmm....and Polar Express was offically played on my laptop today, during my resting time! lol!

And an up date on what God is up too! I'm totally being streched, but I know here is nothing to how I'll feel in Thailand! So yea! But tonight it was pointed out that lately I've been living with lies...and I have been letting myself believe them! So I'm praying and asking God to help me overcome those! I wanna know and understand God's heart more! And how He feels about me and BELIEVE it..fully! And all the time! I don't want to think negatively about myself anymore...but I need help to overcome that! And I can't help it...I just don't believe any of the postive things about myself! It's a struggle! So ya'll pray for me about that! That's great!

Well ya'll! Have a wonderful night! I love ya'll tons and tons! I'll see ya'll in about 12 weeks!

".....No sweeter name than the name of Jesus, No sweeter name have I ever know......"


November 13 2005

Hey hey! What's up ya'll!? Not much here! Just thought I'd update, while I actually 1) have time and 2) feel like it! :D So how's everyone back in M'boro?! I miss ya'll tons! And would love to hear from you anytime you would want to talk! Sure, I might be busy...but I can call back! ;) Anyways! It's been a pretty crazy and busy week! We talked about Injustice this week, and it's crazy about some of the things that actually go on in other countries...and kinda sadly, how Americans are apart of this injustice! For example...the sex trade industry! At least in Thailand and Camobida(sp?) the girls who are sold for sex are anywhere from the age of 5 and up to the teenage years! And they say most of there "customers" are Americans! Which is fueling them to do this even more....because that get lots of there money this way! It's a sad thing, really! I guess it really opens my eyes to think about all the times complain, go to sleep at night, have my mom take care of me when I'm sick, etc.! There's someone out there that doesn't have that! A 5 year old girl that is being sold for sex! Blah! I hate to think about that! And I'm not saying...feel guilty for having the things God has blessed you with! Cuz He wants you to enjoy those things and praise Him for it! But I'm just sayin is all!

Anyways, this next week should be good, we're going to have a lady talking about our destiny! And finding out what that is! So, I'm excited for that! It should be good! But anyways...I'm going to write some of the songs on here, that've really stuck out to me lately! Awesome songs!! But anyways, I love ya'll tons....and I'll talk to ya'll later! Take care and stay strong!

"Thank you for hearing me, Thank you for loving me, Thank you for finding me, Thank you for saving me, Thank you for hearing me!"

"I love you Lord, And I lift my voice. To worship you, Oh my soul, Rejoice! Take joy my King. In what you hear! May it be a sweet, sweet sound, In your ear!"

"You are the way, the truth, and the life. We live by faith, and not by sight. For You, we're livin' all for You. One Way.....JESUS! You are the only one that I could live for!"

It's offical.....I'M GOIN' TO.......

November 03 2005


Hey ya'll! just thought I'd let ya'll know!! I found out last night! I love ya'll and I'll update more later!

ps. sorry ya'll, i thought my flag of thailand showed up! at least it did on mine! kinda stinks...i thought the flag would be a sweeter touch! lol!

Waipea Valley.....

October 30 2005

What's up ya'll!!! Wow....what a day!! Holy cow!! lol! I hurt like non other!! I'll get back to that in a second! But, things are good! Plumb Line week was great! There was some things in my life God brought up, that I didn't even know I had!! But it was great! And Mary came home today! Not even a week later! And my small group leader Dawn said she thought Mary would be in a wheelchair anywhere from 6 months and a year! And she walked 100 ft like Tues!! It's amazing!! But back to my day! One of my friends Jenna, asked if I wanted to go with a group of them to go to the beach and go see a waterfall! I was like "HECK YES!" So today 15 of us drove an hour and a half to get to our place! And ya'll, I feel ya'll pain about the cold! Cause we drove on a part of the island where it was SOOOOOO cold! And we were riding in the back of a truck, with me wearing a tank top, shorts, and flip flops!! Cause I had no idea! Then when we got there..ya'll it was BEAUTIFUL!!! We had to walk down these HUGE hills, and what you walk down you have to walk up! :P But then we came to a place and the said we had to wade the rest of the way! I was like WHOA what?! People I didn't even have my bathing suit on! So some of the girls had to go over to the side with me, hold up a towel and I had to change right there! The worst thing I've ever done in my life! lol! Then they said that we could that a trail, so we didn't have to wade! Mind you, I'm wearing FLIP FLOPS from Old Navy! And ya'll this WASN'T HIKING!! This was actually hard core, adventure! We had to wade, walk through leaves and plants, on a trail that only animals have made! We had to climb rocks and slide down rocks...all this took about 2 hours! Finally, we got to the waterfall! It was beautiful and cold! And was probably about 400 feet tall!! And actually it's something that most people don't see up close! Because there was a group of like four people behind us and at the waterfall the said they were actually suprised we made it, cause most people give up and turn back around because of how hard it is to get there! So pretty sure, it's once-in-a-lifetime thing! And I'll actually upload pictures soon!! But, as bad as I hurt...I'm so glad I did it!! I feel so good that I actually finish and did something like that! It feels great to know I had such an adventure! I even had a thought, while walking today! I was looking at the ground making sure I wouldn't slip, not paying to much attention to what was around me..cause I was watching my footing...which is ok in this situation! But God brought to my mind, "Amber does this remind you of your walk with me, at times?! You spend so much time watching out that you won't slip and notice all this beautiful creation around you! You need to look around and not strive so hard! These rocks and trees are like obstacles in life, but YOU CAN overcome them and get to the end! Keep pressing on! And if you slip and won't stay'll get back up and keep going to get to the treasure waiting ahead!" I was like WHOA! So, even while watching were I was stepping, I was looking at all that was around me! AND IT WAS BEAUTIFUL! *sighs* :)

Take care ya'll! I love ya'll so much, and I'll talk to ya'll soon! Take care and stay strong...and remember to look up and enjoy God's creation!

Heart to Heart week....aka Plumb Line!

October 24 2005

Hey beautiful people!!!

         So this week I'm going to take a week from everything back home! Because it's a Heart to Heart week! Meaning a lot of brokeness week!!! We'll be finding out what walls we have in our heart and focuse on healing things in our hearts! Very hard, emotional week....I'm sure! One that I need to focus on and that I can only walk through with Christ! That's why I can't talk to anyone back home I feel...because I'll try to go to ya'll with how I feel!! And what's 5 days, right?! It'll be 5 amazing days!! 5 hard days!! And 5 days that I'm growing and becoming more of the woman God wants me to be!!

        But also...I wanted to just tell ya'll a story of what happened yesterday! A woman from our Compassion group got REALLY hurt! Her and her husband got caught in a wave and was tossed 10 times! He was fine but she got hurt! They took her to the hospital and had to fly her to Honalulu(sp) for better treatment! Well we had heard she broke her back, neck, and that there was bleeding going into her brain! They were scared she would be parilized(sp) and that her husband couldn't get a flight out that night! So the Compassion got together at prayed from like 7 till about 8:30 or so! We prayed for comfort, for healing, for a flight for her husband! 1st call for an update...she only had 3 vert. in her spine broke...around her neck! On to more prayer...2nd call...trying to get her husband a flight....more prayer 3rd call....her husband has 20 minutes to get on this flight! Another call...her husband is on!!!!!! Another call...she is in alot of much as that stinks it's a good sign...she won't be parilized! Only worry now...the bleeding to the brain! And we wouldn't get any more updates for the night!! But we decided to get in pairs and pray throughout the night!! A group every 30 minutes! So that there would be prayer for her and her family all night long! Update this morning....THE BLEEDING STOPPED AT 11:30 last night!!!! Yessssss!!! She's still in pain!! So please pray for her, her name is Mary! Also a guy named Andy broke his knee cap yesterday as well, playing soccer!! Pray for our week!! That would be great!!

     I love ya'll so so much!! I miss ya'll tons!!! But God is up to great things in all our lives!!! Take care...and I'll read and write, hopefully, this weekend!!! *hugs and kisses*!


October 21 2005
OH MY GOSH!!!!!! God is amazing! Here's a story to rock your has mine!!! Tonight we had a worship meeting and then this guy got up and was talking about how they wanted to raise $25,000 for India for some kinda house or something! And anything extra would go to some other building they would do later!! And course in my mind I thought $20,000....and I was like "No, ok...God, you can do this! Bring in the money! You're going to do it!" We were still worshiping....then they anncounced...$46,465!!!!! Ahhhhh!! Were people done giving!? Heck no!!! By the end there was $53,154...and maybe a little more!!! HOW AMAZING!!!!!! That's not even the end, the man got up there and said that a girl came up to him and told him that God gave her a picture of Buddha! And then told her, that eventually India would be known as a CHRISTIAN country!!! No longer have buddhism, but Christian!!!! CRAZY!!!!! Awwww!!! Wow!!! Kinda makes you realize you don't have to worry about how God will provide, but know that He will!!! I mean...this isn't something that happened in hours ya'll! This took like 30 min. if not less!! So my $2,000 that I still need...doesn't look so big anymore! lol! Anyways ya'll...I just wanted to share! I love ya'll tons!! Talk to you soon!! Stay Strong...stay faithful!!

Whats up M'boro!!

October 19 2005
Hey ya'll!!!! What's up! Not much here! Bet ya thought I would never update! So did I! lol!! Jk! I just haven't had to much time to sit down and write! So how's life with all!? Things are pretty good here! Just getting into the swing of things, with classes and all!! We've had some really great speakers! The first week, Loren Cunninghum, the second week was Joe someone and he talked about God's love! And that was something I needed to hear! Like I know in my head that God loves me, but I didn't get it fully in my heart HOW MUCH He loves me! I'm still trying to understand it! And this week a guy named Steve from Columbia South America is talking about street kids!! That stuff is CRAZY!!! But it's good that he's filling us in on things we are going to see, and not sugar coating it! He was telling us one story how he knows a grandmother over there at the age of 28! The age were most people have there 1st or 2nd child maybe...and she's a grandmother!! Wow! And also just talking about how street kids will sleep under newspaper to keep warm and sleep under overhangs to stay dry and people will beat them to make them leave and even some cops will pour gasoline and light a match! Breaks your heart, huh!? But he also has been teaching us that the reason we helps these kids or anyone for that matter doesn't need to be for the kids, pressure, ministry, passion, for needs to be about glorifing His Holy Name!! And if at anytime you wonder, "Why am I even here, What am I even doing" and you just feel like you can't figure this stuff out that we need to remember that it's not about us, we're being obedient to Christ, and bringing glory to His name! If you're out working with street kids just to work with them or cause a passion or whatever....ask God to change it to being about Him! This is a great, wise man! With a real passion and love for the street kids! Because God gave him that passion and love! So I'm real excited about the rest of the week and the follow weeks after! I'm also exciting to see my parents and brother! And to get off this island! lol! See some other things besides this campus!! lol! Well anyways...I'm gonna go! I love ya'll tons and I hope to talk to you soon!!! Take care! Stay strong!


October 02 2005
"Rise and follow me, I'll make you worthy. Rise and follow me....I'll make you fishers of men." --Christie Jennings

Ya'll, if ya'll haven't heard this song....whoa! I love it!!! Right now, I'm still waiting for classes to start, and I can't wait! Tonight at dinner, I found myself eating with people from all over the world! Not one was from the states! I loved it! It amazed me, because one of the people at this table was from a country I've never even heard before, and I can't even remember what it was called! And even though I know that I gotta go through this time of learning and growing with God...all I wanna do is be out there in Asia! Hummmmm...I can't wait for then!
And ya'll, can I just say that God is AWESOME!! He's already opened up two doors for two different roomates of mine! To hear their stories and them open up! I love that God would chose to work through me! I LOVE IT!! I love being here for these girls, and then them turning around and wanting to help and love on me in my times of need and comfort! Having Jesus work through them, to tell me what I need to hear! I love being here, even though I get homesick! And missing all my friends and family! (And I mean it..I miss and love every single one of you guys!) But thank ya'll so much for being willing enough and loving me enough to let me go for this spend time with my Lover...and my God!! Ya'll today He told me 1) I was beautiful, 2) He loved me...not just loved me....but LOVES me! and 3) that I have a beautiful heart because of him! That I really do, as much as I doubt it sometimes, I really have hope in Him and that I do love Him! I'm so excited for what He's up to! Not only in my life, not only in the life of the girls in my room or the people on this campus, not only for what He's going to do in Asia or any of these countries that He's taking us too, but also for all of ya'll lives! I'm excited for it all!!!
But anyways ya'll! I love ya'll tons! And I'll talk to ya'll soon! Take care, and write, call, or just even send me a message! ;)
......"I will praise you Lord my God, even in my brokeness, I will praise you Lord. I will praise you Lord my God, Even in my desperation, I will praise you Lord......My life is in your hands, and though I can not see you I choose to trust you. Even when I my heart is torn, I will praise you Lord. Even when I feel desertated(sp), I will praise you Lord. Even in the darkest valley, I will praise you Lord. And when my world is shatered(sp) and it seems like all hope is gone, yet I will praise you Lord...I will trust you Lord my God, even in my loneliness I will trust you Lord. I will trust you Lord my God, even when I can not hear you, I will trust you Lord...I will not forget that you hung on a cross, Lord you bleed and died for me. And if I have to suffer I know that you've been there and that you're here now..." --(yet another great song by..)Christie Jennings


September 29 2005
HEY!!!! What's up ya'll!? Man, oh man! I can't believe I'm here!! It's awesome, but hot! lol! Go figure that Hawaii would be hot! But anyways, ya'll keep me in your prayers! The home sickness, goes in and out! And I have awesome girls in my room! They're so sweet! And I even had a moment were I cried today with them and they supported me! It's awesome!! I can't wait to get to know these girls more! And I love it because one or two of the girls is me! :D ha! Anyways! Keep me in your prayers, please! I love ya'll so much! And I already miss all of ya'll! Take care and I hope to hear from ya'll soon!!

See ya soon M'boro!

September 28 2005
Well today is my last day! I'll be leaving at 4:30 in the morning! I love ya'll tons and I'll see all ya'll in Feb! I'm gonna miss all of ya'll!! And I'll update, as often and as soon as I can, when I get out there!! Take care!

Let's catch you up!

September 26 2005
Hey ya'll! Just thought I would update...cause it's been a little since I wrote on here!! Things have been absoultly CrAzY!! Even though I don't have work or school, my days are still being filled up, by the people I wanted to see and hang out with and all the things I gotta do before I leave! And sure I guess for the most part I'm like...."omgosh....I'm not going to get it all done! I'm going to go crazy!" But once I stop and take time to think about it, I like staying busy like this, so that way I'm not so focused on leaving! Gosh, how time flies! I've had all these great things planned with my friends this summer, and I can't believe they've all already flown by! I've got great memories to take out there with me and to share(some of with the people I'm about to know as "family" and friends for the next 5 months! And then I'll be coming home and sharing all the great new memories with my family and friends! And ya'll have awesome and amazing things to share as well! How exciting! I just need ya'lls prayers!
But anyways! Here's what's been going on, last Sunday my parents gave me a going-away party! It was fun, and I loved that the people who mean the world to me where there (except about 3 and they have reasons :D ) And then this past Thursday was my last night of work...and I ended just like I would've wanted to! It went by fast and no stress! lol! Then....the best part of my week was this weekend! Me and Sarah went on our first road trip together!! And we didn't even get lost!!! YAY!!! lol! We went to Chat. to vist with my sister and brother-in-law, so I could spend some time with them and say bye. But we watched movies, went and got pizza and just hung out! Then the next morning we all sat in their room and had coffee and donuts! lol! Then on the way home my and sarah brought lottery tickets! lol, it's was fun cause it was a first for me! Then we headed home! After that my cousin came by and took me out to eat! And I had a great time hanging out with her and just talking with her! Then after that Tara, Becca, Hunter, Michael, and I went to the Rascal Flatts concert!! And I had a blast!!! (There's a whole story behind that...but that's for another day!) ;) Then yesterday, went to church and then my family and some friends went out to eat! Came home and my family and I played some games together, went to have cake at my grandma's house, then the Dillon's took me out to eat, and then I went to Power! It's good because I'm getting to get all my "good-byes" or "see ya laters" in! And I don't want to leave without being able to do all that! So anyways! DTS emailed me yesterday and sent me my mailing address there! So here it is, if you'd like to write me or anything:
Amber Hasler
Compassion DTS
University of the Nations
75-5851 Kuakini Hwy #430
Kailua Kona, HI 96740

Well anyways, I'm gonna go, I got many things I need to get done today! I love ya'll! And I'll talk to ya'll soon! *muah*!

Can we say broken!?

September 12 2005
WOW, is the only word I have for ya'll! God is breakin' the mess outta me! But in all of it....I am amazed!! The past few days God's really been calling me and woeing (did I spell that right?!) me! On Thursday, I'll only have 2 weeks left, and it's becoming more and more of a reality that my life is about to change forever! God's been calling out to me for so long and wanting me for so long, and now....His time has finally come! As scared and nervous as I am....I know God is so thrilled that it's His turn to captivate my heart! It's now time to be intimate with Him and Him alone! And I can't help but pick up on and soak up some of His excitment! Today has been a broken day! But I'm not down, and praise Him for that! But it's been an emotional day for me, and I realized this is what I get to look forward to for the next 3 weeks...the last two here and the first week there! It's going to be soooo hard to leave all ya'll behind, but I'm going to need all of ya'lls support! In these next few weeks...I'm going to be so emotional and so weak! I need ya'lls help and prayer! It's been awesome though, to have God have my heart already over there! God is preparing my heart for over there! And soon, for the next 6 months, my arms will be open to brokeness, healing, and finding out who I am in Christ and who He is leading me to be! I tell you one thing though! I can't wait to come back and tell all the amazing things that HE DID! And hear about all the amazing things He did here!

I was listening to the Jars of Clay song "Love Song for a Savior" and let me put on here what stuck out to me, in this song:
"In open fields of wild flowers
She breathes the air flies away
She thanks her Jesus for the daisies and the roses
In no simple language
Someday she'll understand the meaning of it all

He's more than the laughter
Or the stars in the heavens
As close as a heartbeat
Or a song on her lips
Someday she'll trust him
And learn how to see him
Someday he'll call her
And she will come running
Fall in his arms, the tears will fall down
And she'll pray

I want to fall in love with you"

Ya'll.........this is me! I've been a little girl, playing in an open field...loving all my Daddy's creations and just having him as a best friend! But now, He's calling me! He wants to be more than my "best friend"....He wants to be my EVERYTHING! And I want and need to fall in love with Him! It's time to understand, and I mean fully understand...He's more then what I've been thinking He was! It's time to love Him, spend time with Him, for Him to mold me into who I need to be, for Him to take me where He needs to, and to trust Him! Trust Him in the fact that He really does know what He's doing, trust Him in who He says I am and who I can be, and trust that He is not with holding anything good from me...only protecting me and my heart! It's time to go! As hard as reality is for me....and it's finally caught up! It's not something I just talk about doing's something that IS happening! Hummm......just please keep me in ya'lls prayers! I love ya'll so, so much! Take care, and have a wonderful night! *muah*!

Time for a update?!

August 29 2005
So what's up all my homeslices?! lol! I thought ya'll would like that! Anyways!! Not to much here, chillen by my lonesome self and thinking that it's time for an update!! I haven't done so in awhile cuz I haven't had anything important to say, and still don't! But owell....I decided I'd update anyways, for the fun of things!!! I haven't been up to to much lately! Just hanging with friends, while I'm still here and working! How was the first day of college everyone!? Awww, I hope it went well!!! Ya'll are goin' to have an awesome year!!! I'm sooo excited for ya'll!!!
Lately I've been really thinking about YWAM, I'm excited and nervous all at the same time!! Pray for me!! I know things will be ok, and all this nervousness and stuff will go away once I get there!! But still right now it's hard, because I know it's coming! 4 weeks! Ahhh! Time has really flown! But I am ready all at the same time!
Anyways...while I still sit here in all my boredom, I'm getting every excited that there's going to be a thunderstorm tonight!!! Yesssss!!! lol, I'll sleep like a baby tonight! I love storms...they're soooo neat!! :D But yea, anyways....I'm gonna go do something! Ttyl! Take care! And I love ya'll so, sO, SO much!!!!

A word from the cool kids...Relient K....

August 13 2005
....."And you said I know that this will hurt: But if I don't break your heart then things will just get worse: If the burden seems too much to bear: Remember: The end will justify the pain it took to get us there"

Pretty awesome song I must say!! And I really believe...or actually know that in a little less than 7 weeks this will be a song that will help me out! Because my heart is about to be broken!!! I will be broken!! And God will be the only one I can absoultly lean on!! I can't say I'm looking foward to being broken....does anyone really?! lol! But I am looking foward to having that time with God!! And just being able overcome some things in my life! For a while I was afraid of being totally changed....I mean to absoultly let go of my life....but now....I am ready!!! And something I realized last night...before falling asleep I've became lazy in my walk! You know when you can just feel something isn't right and you can't put your finger on it...but at the same time your so tired of feeling that way!? Well God points out to me that I've been lazy!! And confirmed what He said to be this morning in Hewbrews..." We do not want you to become lazy, but to imitate those who through faith and patience inherit what has been promised " yes, God told me that and He also let me know that it's ok, just to work on getting back into the race!! Course that's another thing God's working on me with! I know I try to hard to please Him...for Him to be happy with me! But I know He already is! But I guess my mind-set is..that I want to be perfect for Him(and I know I can't) but I just try and try because I just want to do anything I can for Him! But God is trying to tell me to REST in and not be lazy!! And another thing He's going to heal me from is doubt! All kinds of doubt! That's a big struggle for me! I came accross some notes the other day, in my Bible, and it said," Even when I doubt myself, God doesn't " And that just made me smile!! Cause even though I really struggle with self-doubt....God doesn't doubt me!! WOW!!
Anyways ya'll!! I gotta go!! My family from Virginia just pulled up! lol!! Take care! I love ya'll!!

3 years?!?!

August 05 2005
So I can't believe it...last night I was sitting here, or actually in my room! And it dawns on me! It was Aug. 4!! I'm sure you're like, "Ok, Amber, I'm glad you can actually realize what day it is! Big step up for you!" me finsh!! After I realize what day it was, I realized what happened 3 years ago! I commited to not dating for one year!! And God had longer in store! Cause it's been 3 years since I've dated!! WOW!!! That's amazing to me!! I went from a girl who couldn't go a month without a boyfriend, to a women who doesn't want a boyfriend.....but Jesus!! And not just a boyfriend, but in Gods timing, my husband! Hummmmmmm!! It's mind-blowing!! In the past 3 years, God has taken me through many things! And a lot of changing and breaking! And continues to do so! The first year I learned, I can handle not dating and God changed my mind on who I was choosing to date! The second year I learned, that the only man I need is God! And my views on dating completly were changing!! I desired a Godly-man, one that desires God above me, and much more! God gave me desires and standards for my husband! And last but not least...this past year! WOW!! God's blown my mind with all the stuff!! He changed my heart!!! (And is continueing to!) He taught me several things through one of my friends!! He blessed me with a friendship that I've prayed about for a long time and through that friendship, God changed me and my views! And helped me gain wisdom and joy! Don't get me wrong, it wasn't my friend who did this was God in him!! (Thanks to this friend, who has been willing enough to allow God to work through you, to impact me!) But I learned that love isn't a fairy tale!! (READ THAT AGAIN GIRLS!!!) It isn't!! It has it's up and downs! Fun times and hard times! A time for being joyful and a time for brokeness! Also, marriage...isn't about us!! It's about God!! It all is!! Marriage is an accountablity!! It's promises to be there in the good and bad times! It is so that the two of you can imbody the full image of God and to GLORIFY....who?....HIM!!!!! It's not about all the stuff the world pulls us into!! It's for God's story! And it's God's blessing!! Also, I've learned guys aren't perfect...don't hold them to be!! They can't say or do everything we want or dream them to do! The only man like Jesus!!! (He's the one to fall in love with! lol!!) But I also learned that the reason I sat starands so high, was because, I knew not one single man on this earth could meet that! So I knew they'd fall and I knew I could protect myself and push them away! Which comes to what God is doing in me right now!! He is healing me!! He is wanting to take my heart and mold it the way He's wanted to all along! Sure, it won't be the most enjoyable experience.....there will be tears, the will be hurt, there will be questions, there will be brokeness and loniness....BUT I'm not going through it by myself!! And the reason I am and will go through this, is to bring glory to God! And have a story to share with the lost, the searching, etc.!! Don't you see..your pain and sufferings are so you can relate to others!! It's not to destory you...our God isn't about that!! It's so you can go into this world and relate with His people!! I know God is preparing me for my husband...and that is so exciting for me!! But until God has me to a point where He knows I'm ready and trusts me with such a Godly-man, man that is so amazing I can't even dream of, a man that desires God, a man that has a heart like mine and will treat me as I should be treated....I will have to wait! Cause I want to be the wife that he needs!! The kinda wife that can stand strong behind my husband, that can build him up, that can hold him accountiable, etc!! Course God's taught me so much this year! And done so much awesome stuff I could probably write a book! But...for ya'lls sake...I won't ;) lol!!
Anyways...ya'll have an AMAZING night!! I love ya'll every much!!