Quote of the Week

December 04 2006

"Always forgive your enemies,
but never forget their names."
- R. Kennedy -

12 months

December 01 2006

1. Who kissed you on new years?
I'll never tell

2. Did you have a new year's resolution this year?


3. Does it snow where you live?

Mostly it just rains here... a few flurries... and hail... it likes to hail

4. Do you like hot chocolate?


5. Have you ever been to Times Square to watch the ball drop?

- nope


1. Who was your Valentine?

Didn't really have one

2. When you were little, did you buy valentines for your whole class?
 heck yeah

3. Do you care if the groundhog sees its shadow or not?



1. Are you Irish?

a little... kiss me anyway?

2. Do you wear green on St. Patty's Day?

Yep ;)

3. What did you do for St. Patty's Day in 2006?


4. Did you get drunk?


5. Are you happy when winter is pretty much over?



1. Do you like the rain?

Only when I can play in it.

2. Did you play an April fool's joke on anyone this year?

yeh... good times!

3. Do you get tons of candy on Easter?

YES! The Easter Bunny still visits my house! haha

4. Do you celebrate 4/20?
5. Do you love the month of April?
   SURE! haha


1. What is your favorite flower?

Gerber daisies

2. Do you like the spring?

Pretty flowerrs blooming, of COURSE!

3. Finish the phrase "April showers":

brings may flowers!!!!

4. What is the first color you think of when you think of Spring?


1. What year did/will you graduate from highschool?


2. Did you do anything fun during this month?

the beach!


1. What did you do on the Fourth of July?

er.... worked....eventually visited brent to see the fireworks extravaganza

2. Did you go on any vacations during this month?


3. Do you blast the A/C all day?

In my house only my father touches the temperature controls


1. Did you do anything special at the end of your summer?

er....no...well slt retreat?

2. What was your favorite summer memory of '06?

down at the farm playing in the creek w/ my boy

3. Did you have a sunburn?


4. Do you go to the beach a lot?

No time this summer...


1. Did you attend school/college in '06?


2. Who is your favorite teacher?


3. Do you like fall better then summer?

Depends on my mood


1. What was your favorite Halloween costume?
me as a pirate!!!(hahaha)

2. What is your favorite candy?
  the candy pumpkins.

3.What did you dress up as this year?

Didn't... I had class that night. :(


1. Whose house do you go to for Thanksgiving?

somewhere in east tn

2. Do you love stuffing?


3. What are you thankful for?

Family, Friends, LIFE


1. Do you celebrate Christmas?


2. What is December 1st, 2006?


3. Have you ever been kissed under mistletoe?


4. Get anything special last year?


5. What do you want this year?

my family

6. Do you like cold weather?

my strength as a weakness?

November 27 2006
so what happens when your biggest strength is
your biggest weakness?

i'm so good at expressing everything in words. too good. biting my tongue because i know know all too well what i want to say, and all too well that i can't say it.........

Quote of the Week

November 26 2006
"... nothing is more ancient than the truth..."
Rene Descartes

Quote of the Week

November 19 2006
in pretty good shape for the shape you are in."

-Dr. Seuss-

I wish life would stop biting me. I'm getting ready to kick it's teeth out.

so poo!

November 16 2006
guess who's an attorney this weekend???
so we stopped in Dickson for food on our way to Memphis and we started talking about the tournament.... well someone who shall remain unnamed didn't know that this tourney last til Sunday and she had to be at work on sunday for training...... so we left her in Dickson with my wonderful Sister-in-law and the Austin and cute kitties.....
and someone had to step up and take her spot.... so patrick calls me and says"Guess What????"
"i don't want to guess cause i don't want to know"
"you're in"
"i don't want to be in"
"too bad"
so i have tonight to learn a brand new direct and 2 crosses and then compete against the best teams in the nation
yay me

so yeah i might just be crazy

November 15 2006

so i can't go to compete this weekend with mock trial.... but i'm going

yeah that's right
i'm going
call me crazy, but Jamie called saying that Vile and Patrick wanted to "offer me the opportunity" to come and watch and get "valuable experiacne" or something similar to that.
after i talk to dr. vile (crazy me) i've decided to go and be the timekeeper for the team that i wasn't good enough to be on.....
which after watching them practice last night ANNOYED ME
anyway..... by the way - nichole i think you should be going but again that's just the opinion of silly little me.
so stressful weekend ahead with LOTS to do!!  

well life just reminded me that it has teeth.... and occasionally bites

November 13 2006

selections from the email that in effect informed me that i got screwed

Dear Team 660,

I just want to say that you all did awesome at the tournament. If you didn't already know, we can the closet to beating the team that won our dividion than any other team they faced. I will apologize to you for not doing what I would consider my best during the tournament and really do wish we would have done better with the points.

For the difficulty news, Brandi, Patrick and Vile feel that we need a stronger team for Rhodes. Every MTSU team came out of our tournament with a losing record, and rhodes is 300 mor times as difficult to win as our tournament. They have decided to create a super team from people who scored the best at the tournament and were available to go. I want to know that I wish our team was going and it was not my idea to create a new team (honestly!).

The new attorneys will be me, Corey and Natalie (on both sides) and the witnesses will be Micah, Eric, Gina, Mallory and Daniel. We are not calling Haskins or Conmey but will be calling Adams and Cross on Plaintiff. So, our plaintiff witnesses are changing quite a bit. Again, thanks for all your hard work, and I can't to work with each one of you again. 

Sincerly and THANKS!!!

well i guess i now have a free weekend....... gar

Quote of the Week

November 12 2006
It doesn't matter how long we may have been stuck in a sense of our limitations.
 If we go into a darkened room and turn on the light, it doesn't matter if the room has been dark for a day, a week, or ten thousand years - we turn on the light and itis illuminated.
 Once we control our capacity for love and happiness,the light has been turned on.
 -Sharon Salzberg-

i just want to go to bed

November 09 2006
mock trial raped tonight. i just wanted to cry and all i was doing was keeping time. the people who need the most work are those who won't admit that they need work. some old creepy man was trying to pick up the girls on our team. he wink at sarah. he only smiled at me. if he would have wink i might have made an objection from the timekeepers bench....lol.... yeah he was that scary. i'm so tired and i have to do my rules test. my room smells funny. i think kim and i have used too much hairspray recently. i need sleep and i have to be up and at it bright and early tomorrow. bleh. mk ENOUGH for now.........Good night

o this night is so much fun!!!

November 08 2006
me + politics...... need i say more?

o joy expect a blog tomorrow.... and how bout corker played a brooks and dunn song as he entered for his victory speech? lol... amazing        

Quote for the Week

November 05 2006
"A vote is like a rifle: its usefulness depends upon the character of the user."
Theodore Roosevelt

Go Vote!


November 01 2006

o how often we forget that those who are the stongest are stong because of what they endure

the strength of the oak is test in the storm, not the sunshine

so when you think, "how stong"....... don't forget how badly it must have hurt

my sound track

October 31 2006

"If your life was a movie, what would the soundtrack be? So, here's how it works:
1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, etc).
2. Put it on shuffle.
3. Press Play.
4. For every question, type the song that's playing.
5. When you go to a new question, press the Next button.
6. Don't lie and try to pretend you're cool.
7. Don't skip songs.

---Eh, sometimes repeat artists come up.... skip it or keep it. . .whatever

Opening Credits
"Concrete Angel" Martina McBride

Waking Up
"Go" Erika Jo

First Day at School
"Much Too Young (to Feel this Damn Old" Garth Brooks

Breaking up
"What's Up Lonely" Kelly Clarkson 

"Someday We'll Know" Mandy Moore & Jonathan Foreman

Life's Okay
"Ocean Floor" Audio Adrenaline

Mental Breakdown
"Hear Me" Kelly Clarkson

"Angel Boy" Tim McGraw

"Love CHanges Everything" by Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Getting Back Together
"Whatever It Takes" SHeDAISY

"Gettin' It On" Lucy Woodward (o wow)

Birth of a Child
"Hello Little Girl" The Beatles

Final Battle
"Strong as an Oak" Rachael Proctor

Death Scene
"Loving Arms" Dixie Chicks

Funeral Song
"Some Kind of Zombie" Audio Adrenaline (te he he)

So Long  
"Route 66" Chuck Berry 

hot showers make everything better

October 31 2006

except my need for lotion

o great!

October 30 2006

so Dad has pnemonia....

and those of you that know my father know that he doesn't really have a "take it slow til you get better" gear....

it's only in one lung right now but he was having crazy weak spells this weekend while i was home...

this happens to come right as mom was gonna head to east tn... to carry out her sisters wishes and try to get my grandma to surrender her lisence.... either way...bleh

wow.... my family just can't ever seem to get a chance to catch our breath

Quote of the Week

October 29 2006

Learn to enjoy your own company.
You are the one person you can count on living the rest of your life with.
~ Ann Richards ~


October 26 2006
"When you are down to nothing, God is up to something."

Quote of the Week

October 22 2006

If you have integrity, nothing else matters.
If you don't have integrity, nothing else matters.

 -Sen. Alan Simpson-

how i feel.....

October 19 2006
except that i'm er... not a monkey...