Quote of the Week

December 31 2006
Clothes make the man.

Naked people have little or no influence on society.

--Mark Twain--

see us? aren't we cute!!!!!
photo from MTSUbrent

Tyler Lowery

December 31 2006
you two look so good together :)


December 31 2006
AW! someone loves me enough to comment!!!


December 31 2006
I don't know I think that naked people have a big impact on society ok for example. You are driving along and you see a naked person you quickly close your eyes (forgetting that your driving) then you swerve and hit someone head on. then that car catches on fire and blows up well a car diving by catches from those flames then they run into an office building and the car blows up then that office building cathes on fire and burns to the ground. See big impact


December 31 2006
oh well I guess you are cute together


January 01 2007
i agree with austin about the naked people...and why isnt all of your bloggy pink on the other thing? thats sad

Erin:: lub my flower.

January 11 2007
i dont like naked ppl.... they scare me!!!!!!! or half naked they are freaky .... oh , who is that? yall are cute