April 18 2006

whew, finally...a day off!!!

since the last post:
second concert at graffiti-it was incredible, exactly what i had in mind when i first got it going, over 100 people came to hear the guys, 25 of those with no connection to any church, 1 of those wanting to know how to begin a relationship with Jesus
easter egg hunt with graffiti 2-over 300 kids, many more parents/grandparents, lots of games and prizes and snow cones, i was the bunny (big thanks to mosaic for the last minute bunny costume)
easter sunday at graffiti-all of the gift bags that were made were given out to newcomers (not sure how many there were), the nursery sure was busy, baptism and all

went to the beach yesterday on my first day off.  just walked around a bit.  then sat in the sand and listened to the waves.  got some sun too.  i'm now convinced if you want sun, then go to south beach (it's in staten island, and no it's not that far away). 

so after this week (college metro conference) things will get back to normal around graffiti.  and it's only a month til this whole tlj thing is over.  kinda crazy to think that i've been here for almost a year.