July 18 2005


July 18 2005
Howdy Guys!

Boy am i TIRED! I got home really late and then i had to pack for camp! Im leaving in about 2 hours or so! Im happy but then again im not happy! I really don't wanna leave home again! I have been gone like all summer! Plus i have a certain someone in my life and i don't wanna leave him! He is such a sweetheart! WE have been dating almost 2 weeks and he is like the sweetest guy in the world that i have ever met! My parents really like him and his like me!

I have to tell you something funny! Yesterday afternoon he called and was like my family is eatind dinner at my house and he was like you wanna go! Well of course i said yes! I didn't know that the whole family would be there! He is one of 5! he has 2 older sisters and 1 oler and 1 younger brother! It was so much fun! I think he is such a sweetheart! The whole family was so nice and everything and i was scared outta my mind!

Well guys i gotta go pack! Talk to yah in a week!

Lots of Love and Bunches of Kisses and Hugs,
Ali May


July 14 2005
Hey yall! Well i got home from vaca! I have been really busy w/ someone in my life! He is a sweetheart! His name is Jacob! All my family likes him which is a BIG PLUS!! But.... im goin outta town on Monday for TASC CAMP! Im a BIG STUCO NERD! But, i will know someone there! Jason will be there so that is good! Well guys i guess i will talk to yah later! I havent gotten much sleep and i am gonna CRASH!!!! I have alotta unpackin to do and repackin to do!

Bye YAll
Ali May


July 07 2005
Hi! I have been busy the past few days! How was church last night? I wanted to go but i had to help out a friend! I heard the food was good! I also heard that the Concert rocked!

Well i have to pack and clean out my car and clean up around the house!

I heard this saying today and i thought it was the cutest thing:

Party Hard, Rock 'N' Roll were the class you can't control. The guys are hunks, the girls are chicks were the class of 2006!

Then i revised it to make it fit my school! You will understand if you know where i am from!

Party Hard, Rock 'N' Roll were the class you can't control. The guys are hunks, the girls are HICKS were the class of 2006!

Yall tell me what you think!

Ali May


July 05 2005
Hey guys! Man today was long! I went to court this morning and i went the vanderbilt hospital and then threw rush hour traffic!


July 04 2005
I just made it home from the parking lot at MTSU for the fireworks! Man was it total chaos! There was so much traffic! The fireworks were actually really good this year!

What did everyone else do for the 4th of July?

Well guys i got a busy day tomorrow and im gonna try and sleep! Not likely since fireworks are everywhere!



July 03 2005
Hi yall! I usually don't pos two in one day but, i just woke up to the sounds of a ton of fireworks!It is crazy! Im just on my way out the door to my big brothers baseball game! Im really tired but i promised him that i would go! I think he plays at 10:45 tonight!

Ive got so much to do tomorrow and then on tuesday i go back to court and vanderbilt! Also i am driving to vanderbilt and i am afraid that i will get lost! I think im gonna ask someone to go with me! Its not like it is a really long appointment! Im just like whateer! Imgoing to get a CT skan on for my allergies! Im not to worried! I just really wanna know what is wrong with me! Im tired of being a druggie and not knowing!

Well im off to the ball park!

bye yall!

Alicia May


July 03 2005
I hope everyone is having a great 4th of july weekend! I know that mine is really busy! Im stayin at my dads house for a few days while he is gone! We had a on of family over last night and we stayed up really late! Lets just say that today i have been really lazy today! But, im gettin ready to go to a cookout so i gotta get ready! Have fun yall!

Ali May


June 30 2005
Wow! I just spent 3 hours shoe shopping! Im beat! I went tonight w/ my stepmom and stepsis! We couldn't agree on anything for the wedding on Saturday...... Wait! For those of you who don't know my dad is getting married for the 4th time this saturday! Im so thrilled! NOT! I mean i like the girl and all but.... i don't think he should get married! But.. there ain't much i can do about it now! Oh yah and my dads birthday is tomorrow and i totally forgot! T

VBS is going GREAT! Im really tired from that! Tomorrow is water day! Im so stoked! Actually for the past two days it has been water day! IT has been fun! Im going to blow up 150 water balloons for tomorrow! It gona be great!

Im gonna go to bed and i will talk to yah later!

Ali May


June 27 2005
Boy am i tired! Today was rough! I had VBS this morning and it was fun! I mean yah it was hot outside but it all worked out!

This mornin i woke up and went to work and i was so SLEEPY!! I couldn't understand it! I had never been this tired! It was CRAZY! I had a little trouble w/ the kid that i babysit but other than that it was a good mornin!

My mom and dad talked today! It didnt go very well! They talked about me and my cell phone bill and me gettin my own car! Lets jus say the phone ain't gonna be around for a while and the car is non exsistent! Ill jus keep drivin the truck!

This afternoon i fell asleep on the couch at work and slept for like an hour! It was GREAT! I enjoyed the NAP! I talked to my good friend brit and brad today! They made me cheer up about everything! I have to go to court in the morning! I am so excited! NOT!!! Then im goin back to VBS! I have to go shoe shopping for the wedding! Im not lookin forward to it at all! I hate shoe shopping!

I did find out good news today! After this week i am off for 2 whole weeks! It is GRRRRRRRRREAT! Im so excited and I will also have my dads car since he will be gone on a trip! It is going to be great plus no football! I will get to hang out w. all my friends! It is gonna be great!

Well yall i think im gonna go turn in! Im really sleepy!

Love yah bunches,
Ali May


June 26 2005
Hey yall!

Well i have ben so frustrated lately! My father is getting married next weekend and i am in the wedding! He has been spending a ton of money! It is CRAZY! I really dont wanna be in the wedding! But whatever!

This week my cellphone get damaged and i don't have the money to pay for it right now! My dad has two phones that he uses and im gonna ask for that phone while he is gone on his honeymoon! Then there is this whole car situation w/ my dad! Me and my dad just arn't gettin along and im so frickin tired of fighting w/ him! Then my mom and stepdad have been gettin into it lately! It is so dum! They just won't stay off my case! There always yellin at me and it is drivin me insane! But, i sure can't move in w/ my dad! I just can't wait till next summer! I will be GONE!!! It is the stuff that has been happening in the past week that are pushing me even closer to go to school in mobile,alabama! 10 hours from home! I mean i would be away from it all! But who knows what will happen to me over the next 6 months! Who knows what GOD has planned for my life! I wish i did know what he has planned for my life! I've just gotta quit stressing over stuff like this! Well i gotta go to bed! Im gonna work this week at VBS! I will see someof you there!!!!

Ali May


June 17 2005
Hi Yall!!

Well this entry is going to be short and sweet because Im gettin ready to pass out!

I just got home and have been busy all day long! I went to see my dad! I cleaned the house! I also went swimmin with friends of mine! We all had a BLAST! The water was EXTREMELY COLD!! I then had dinner at my nana's house! Boy was it yummy!

I totally forgot about it bein fathers day this Sunday! I was just reminded about 1 hour ago! Oops! I have to go shopping! In the mornin im going to sleep late and go to a baseball game around noon or so! I will sleep really late!

I heard that the concert last night was prety good! I wanted to go but i had football!

Like i said short and sweet!

Sleep tight don't let bed bugs bite!

Ali May

Back From CAmp

June 15 2005
Hey yall!

I just got home from Panama City Beach, Florida! I was at a camp w/ my youth group! Wow I got home like 30min ago! Im so exhausted! Im ready to sleep in my own BED!

This past 5 days have been AMAZING! I have grown closer to soooooooo many people! I hate that it all ended so soon! It makes me really sad!

I bought this book called "Gods Blogs" It is AWESOME! I also bough Krsitian's CD from camp! I am listening to it right now and it is great! I love his voice! I think it is WONDERFUL!

On our way home I started readin my book and I was just in love with it. I couldn't put it down. One thing that stuck out to me was there was a part talkin about dads! If you know I have been havin a hard time lately with my dad comein back into my life! It was so good to read it! I l hate to even put it down!

Before I went on this trip i was havin alotta things go on in my life! However I talked to a good friend of mine the other night and she sent me something for the trip! She sent me a encouragement note each day! It helped me get through the week! It was great! It really touched me. We I read the first letter it made me wanna cry! It was so SWEET! Im not gonna mention any names but she knows who she is and I LOVE HER AND I THANK HER!

Well yall there is so much I have to tell yall about my trip so I will talk about it later! Im goin to bed now! Im really tired!

Ali May

PS Go and tell everyone to look at my blog! I wonder how many friends i can get in a week! Go tell everyone


June 09 2005
Howdy! WEll i had tons of fun last night!

Does it not make you mad when people say they are your friends but then when you go out of the picture they don't wanna talk to you nemore! I really don't understand why that is but that is what happens!

Ali May


June 07 2005
Hey yall!

I have been really busy! I mean I have to be at work every mornin at like 6:45 which means I leave my house at 6:20 and get up at 6am! It is SOOOOO CRAZY! Well i went out tonight and chilled w/ my friend Erica! We had a blast!

Im so ready to go to Panama City! I mean I can't wait! I just want to get away from everything and just relax! I need some relaxin time! We leave really early on Saturday Mornin! I mean gosh that is a little EXTREME! But thats cool cause it is worth it!

Im goin to get my senior pictures made on Friday! That is so SCARY! Im excited but then it also makes me really sad!

Well gotta go to BED!!

Love yall
Ali May

Hi Yall

June 05 2005
Hi yall! Well this is quite new! Nathan Moore got me started on this! He says it is better than xanga! Well we will see!

Ali May