August 07 2006

Wow!  Buy these last few days have been so darn CRAZY! I am living on campus and LOVING IT! I have been so busy with football and then hanging out with everyone till really late and then having to go to sleep and wake up like 2 hours later and go to practice! Yesterday it was so funny that i asked what day it was! That is how wrapped up in football I have been!

Well i am going to go catch a couple hours of sleep! I just got back to the room and i am so exhuasted! Gotta b at practice at 3 this afternoon! PEACE!

Michael Thoe

August 13 2006
Thanks for the message. Although, I question whether you are serious or not?

Michael Thoe

August 19 2006
LoL Sp we are commenting now, are we? LoL What is the big thing about facebook? Is it better than phusebox?

Michael Thoe

August 20 2006
I'll see what I can do. LoL