November 27 2005

I have never been so TICKED OFF at my parents in my whole life. Lets just say just because i wont work in fast food that I am better than they are and there money is way to good for me. I have no truck or cell phone! Im not sure how long the cell phone is takin away since they dont pay for it, my daddy does. So today has been a really long day. I can't wait 6 months until i get out of this place!

Im not sure if you remember the guy at my school said something about his education only getting us to work at McDonalds in his graduation speech. Well, i have never had anything against him! I knew that he was only kidding! Well just because that the comment didn't bother me then they always throw that in my face when in comes to getting a job or school. So like i said I ccant wait to leave!

Brittany Nichols

December 07 2005
i am sorry u are having a hard time with your parents. hope everything gets better! ~Brittany