November 08 2005

Hey yall!

Today i realize that college is way too much money! It is so STRESSFUL! I have to send in this application to be recieve eligibility so that i can participate in College sports. That right there is 50 dollars. I just paid 54.00 dollars for my ACT! The applications! It is absolutely ridiculous! I have been just so stressed!

I am going to chill a Kayla's house and we are going to look at colleges!

I got my acceptance letter to the nursing classes at MTMC! I am so STOKED about it!

If anyone knows about any job opputunities! Please let me know! I am desperate for anything!

Brittany Nichols

November 21 2005
hey alicia! are u going into the nursing field? thats pretty amazing cuz i am too. dont really have any advice on the job opportunities thing but good luck with that. God Bless! ~ Brittany