December 02 2006

Hey y'all GAH I am so bored I havnt been to church in a LONG time and I miss it O soo much!!its SAD!!well leave messages and comments!!I went to see Christmas lights with Kyle last night I had SOO much fun!!

<3 ya

the weekend

September 04 2006

well I had a CRAZY weekend I got grounded thanks CANDACE!!NE ways like I am so bored @ home by myself I couldnt even go to Sportscom my mom is a brat NE ways leave comments LOVE YAS



August 30 2006

well Im bored out of my mind!!church is tonight YAY Wednesday night LIVE LOL!!Ne ways I am bringin 2 of my friends so YAY!!NE ways comment mah!!




August 25 2006

wats up?!?my school is havin' a dance tonight it's gunna be fun only I'm sick me and Faith were messin with eachothers throats and she pushed mine and it gave me a spre throat..but that ain't stoppin me!!NE ways comment and messages!!



school AGAIN

August 24 2006

ok well school was aiight...NE ways church was fun last night Kenny smashed a bunch of music stuff so me and Candace were like closin our eyes!!I'm bored and home alone so comment me!!

Love always,

<3 Megan <3


August 22 2006

ok so purty much school kinda SUCKED today and I have to frig*n do homework...and me and Candace matched today and we were SO cute!!well G2G love always

Megan Zickefoose


August 21 2006

hey yall I am SOoOo bored I am sittin @ home and I made a phusebox cause David told me to!!so like yea!!BORED

Love always and 4EVR