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March 04 2006
What do you use everyday, has five fingers, and looks like fryed chicken when mixed with hot grease.  Yep.  I deep fryed my hand Friday.  350 degrees of french fry goodness.  But it hurt.  I'm ok, though.  I'll let you know the story later...



March 03 2006
So what do you do when you can't get off work but have to go to a business competition at the same time.  It will cost me about $200 not to go.  But maybe my job if I do go.  I'm a new employee at Sonic on Memorial and they've got me on a "probation period".  If I start asking off, they might think bad of me already.  And I've been told by multiple people that everyone likes me.  I can't afford to lose that. : )  Oh well.  I'll figure something out.  Not to worry.

Speaking of worrying, I worry about everthing little that doesn't matter.  Brandon told me that it wasn't worth worring about because in 2 weeks, all those worries will be gone and a new set will bother me.  Thanks. 

I have to work tonight.  Tonight is my date night.  Darn it.  I'll have to reschedual. 

Things happen.  Life goes on.



February 21 2006
Yay.  Another blogger.  I only blog to let out my emotions.  Not that anyone actually cares.  I just do it because I need a vent so I don't explode.  That would be bad.  Someone is going to have to show me how to use this site...