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Brand New Pics♥

September 16 2005
Yeah you can leave me comments
On them or whatever.

Everything is going well.
I feel much better.
Talking is wonderful.
COnversation is key.
Well off to the Football game


Little bit of stuff♥

September 14 2005
I hate this feeling...
I can't move on
or anything
everything I do
reminds me of him somehow
and now i'm going crazy..

random little lyric.
I've made Goals
and such for myself,
and since I'm cool,
and bored, I'm gonna post them!

1.Live life for God
2.Abstinance.((so good so far!..lol))
3.Find someone who really cares about me.
4.Go to college.
5.Enjoy atleast 4months of highschool.
6.Go to Canada.
7.Move away from Murfreesboro by the time i'm 21
8.Make someone have a better day.
9.Tell someone how I really feel.
10. really sing in front of someone.
11.Not care.
12.Stay outside for 14hours.
13.Get a cosmotology license.
14.Record a Demo.
15.Swim in the Pacific Ocean.
16. Have a boy take me on a date for ice cream while we walk.
17.Really talk to someone in person about how i feel.
18.Help someone.
19.Runaway for a week.
20.Stop feeling this way.
21.Mean something to someone.
22.Spend a day with a friend in another city more than 40miles away.
23.Find a youth group.
24.Get two more ear piercings.
25.Learn to play guitar.
26.Be the cool aunt.
27.Be unsarcastic
28.Be happy

Kung Foo CHicken♥

September 13 2005
I hate shoes...

My Brain Hurts†

September 11 2005
Tell me how to feel
by:Sarah Gearhart
Won't you tell me how I'm suppose to feel,
when everything so surreal
I can't find,
a reason to believe,
anything is possible
but nothing, nothing
last forever.
I can't,I can't take all in
as my mind just spins,
everything I thought
was good just burned
to the ground.
I have my faith,
to keep happy now.
My friends are there to comfort me,
Oh how blessed I seem,
and everything I take for granted,
has become something more,
than just a little thing.
Won't you tell me how i'm suppose to feel
when everything so surreal
I can't find,
a reason to believe,
anything is possible
but nothing, nothing
last forever.

Getting stuff off my mind:

I don't know whats goin on with me,
all this relationship stuff is tearing me apart.
I lost my bestfriend,
and then I'm told pretty much
that i'm not loved anymore..
.ahh..I can't go to church this morning either
..this sucks...
I'm sick of gas prices,
and I'm sick of stupid feelings.
I hate love sometimes,
I mean why do I have to feel this way?
It was all alright then BAM!
I ruin everythingand I don't even know how,
and it's not"it's not you it's me" it's me...
this is crap

most of that is bull..just
talkin from my mind..
But I keep having this feeling,
somethings not right.
I can't just move on,
and I can't stop thinking about him.
nothings working for me.
I get out of the house,
doesn't help.
I may laugh for a while,
a couple of hours even,
but then i just end up terribly upset.
I can't take this.
Why am I so messed up.
Why do I mess everything up.
What is wrong with me.
ahh, i need to get stuff straight.
I need to get away from everything//everyone
I wanna go somewhere.
I wanna runaway.

Thought in words♥

September 10 2005
You can take everything in you to love someone,
but if it's one sided, all it's going to do is fall.
If you take it in,
and believe it will get better,
and you trust God to help you,
it will. Just trust in God.
Everything I've learned in life
has brought me to this,
I can't go on thinking that
how I feel is the most important.
I'm selfish.
I've thought of the circumstances
I have led myself up to.
I have reason for them all.
They all Begin and end the way
they are suppose to.
I'll stick with my faith.
It'll help me through.

I was thinking about the line in forrest Gump
when Jenny says "Do you think I could fly off this bridge forrest"
and I actually understand it.
I feel it,in som aspects.

Heartbroken again...

September 10 2005
so i thought everything was gunna
work out..maybe, a few months
"broken up"
but now he tells me
we probably won't ever get
back together...
so now i feel like
i'm gunna be sick..
I just, i don't know,
Its funny how much
I love you can hurt..
when it gives you false hope
and the lies seem to
keep coming
and you hurt even more.
1week ago it was
over for a little while
2weeks ago we had a 2day break
now it's over for good?
yeah so i need to get otu before i do something
really stupid..

New Pics♥

September 09 2005
New pics are up
lemme know what you think!

I'll be seeing you♥

September 07 2005
I'll be seeing you
In all the old familiar places
That this heart of mine embraces
All day through
In that small cafe
The park across the way
The children's carousel
And The chestnut trees
The wishing well
And I'll be seeing you
In every lovely summer's day
And everything that's bright and gay
I'll always think of you that way
I'll find you in the morning sun
And when the night is new
I'll be looking at the moon
But I'll be seeing you
I'll be seeing you
In every lovely summer's day
In everything that's bright and gay
I'll always think of you that way
I'll find you in the morning sun
And when the night is new
I'll be looking at the moon
But I'll be seeing you

I had some thought on that song..
it's loverly..
Oh and my brother turned 21 today

over again...

September 04 2005
I'm so sick of frikkin crying,
how can everything be so perfect
then all of a sudden it's over...
what is wrong with me,
am i f*cking diseased?
I need help..
really bad

I'm going to church wednesday
and Sunday
and wednesday
and sunday
let's see how it goes from there...

heart break is aweful...
life's a nonconclusive nightmare...
sometimes perfect gets hit by a car...


September 02 2005
I saw Transporter 2 today...
it was pretty awesome...
Numero uno: Devin was there
Numero Dos:Good movie
Numero Tres:I got a slushie!

haha yeah, so pretty good day,
i'm tired now though:(
No school for 3days, i'm pretty siked,
so hmm, anyone up for anything?

Where I am

August 31 2005
Went to church tonight
it was cool...

I miss having a base church,
i've been going to alot of different
ones lately, which is good,
but it sucks being the new kid,
even if i am pretty crazy, and get
along with the people..
if that makes sense.
St. Pauls was cool,
but I don't know...I got weird
maybe i'm just a freak..

I still miss my old friends
&& I haven't seen Devin
since Saturday
Movies Friday night,
not going to Oakland:-(
O well...

anyhoo...I need to make some new friends,
the old ones are good,
but I love meeting people,
I love speech class,
it's helped me already


August 29 2005
Life as I know
will soon be over
everything is lost
everything is gone
Life as I knew it
pretty sure I blew it
singing out of key
Life as I've known it
although i've not shown
it is giving me a headache...

im the most random person
anyway, so I've come to a few conclusions today:

1.) I'm upset, but I have friends who cheer me up so much and without them, I would have nothing, they've made me feel so much better throughout all of this,
Just knowing so many people care makes me so happy...(F.Y.I if you are wondering about the whole Devin thing, we are still Best Friends, and we are planning on dating again in the NEAR future, it's just simply a time to think about things, be sure of it all, and proceed together more maturely and such, if that's a good explination, im not to good at those)

2.) Boys Smell good when they hug you, especially when you are upset...

3.) I laugh at air, seriously, I laugh at anything and everything not funny, or even relatively funny, just because I can, I think...

4.) I hate my English Class

5.)My lunch period rocks face

6.) I miss my old friends

The End

August 27 2005
He broke up with me....


August 19 2005
Well...we lost
pretty bad to Riverdale
3-50 i think the 3 were
pitty points...haha...so sad
but yeah, i had a good time at the game
hung out with some people and all that jazz
fabuloso...hows everyone doin?
I don't get many comments on here
or on Myspace or on Xanga
but you can leave me some:-)
hope ya'll are good
have a great one


August 13 2005
I hate showers
haha..but im gunna go take one soon
but yeah...umm im listenin to TLC
and man,i forget how much i liked them
when i was in like 6th grade..haha..im so cool
pshhhhhh kidding
umm..well school starts Monday, officially...
I hate siegel
i mean, i guess,all schools would be alot like it
but o well...i love my friends
they make it worth spending
7hours in a prison enviroment..haha
kidding once again
but yah
my schedule you ask?

1st-Biology Honors -Manning
2nd-English II Honors-Garner
3rd-Women's Chorale-Gregory
4th-Geometry Honors-Sullivan
6th-Spanish I-Craver

so yep...heh...well i guess this is
probably the dumbest post i've writtin
in a while so i'm gunna go

First entry

August 12 2005
Just seeing what this is all about
i'll keep you cuhrazy kids updated!