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June 30 2006
by:Sarah Gearhart.

Beautiful is more acceptable than sexy or hott.
Baby is something that I can never get tired of being called.
Hugs are a must,
but are only good when they're real.
Suprise kisses are awesome.
Sweet talk is always nice.
Honesty is the best.
4-10hour phonecalls are lovely.
Dates are best when he pays...but I'll pay too,
cause it's not fair to make him pay <i>everytime</i>.
Seranade me..i'll love you forever..haha.
Listen to what I have to say,
and if you don't understand tell me you don't understand,
and if you don't really care, let me know,
so i don't bore you to death.
make me feel special...i'll  like that.
but most of all,
make me want to be with you.
cause that sensationi of butterflies
when you smile at me,
or i see your name pop onto my caller I.D.
&& give me chills when you look me
directly in the eyes, not directly in my
...well as the black eyed peas say "lumps"
&& the Pussycat dolls refer to as "muh"
&& never lie...because i'll find out,
and i'll lose total respect for you.
don't use me...i'm more important than that.
don't think you can just
have me anytime, cause eventually,
I'll move on, and find out about your "game"
don't play me...because us "hoe's" have each other's back.
be real at all times,
&& you'll have my respect.


June 30 2006
i like it.... i like it a lot