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June 03 2006

mmm childhood.
I am a troubled teen.
The past few weeks have been a blur.
It's like getting off a treadmill;;
You feel like everything is rushing forward
&& like you're gonna fall.
I've been out of it.
Hanging out with friends has been fun though.
It feels good to be cared about.
I've been blessed to have atleast 4 cheerup days.=)
&& for as much as I dislike females,
the ladies i've hung out with make me smile.

So the other night,
I was at the Underoath concert,
and for those of you who don't know,
it's a 'Rock Band'
&& at this 'rock concert' there was moshing.
&& stuff like that.
Well in the midst of all this
I stopped and zoned out.
There were a million things happening
around me but i just stood there
&& forgot where I was for atleast 2minutes.
In the solitary confinement of myself.
It's crazy.

well a week from tomorrow is
the big One Six.


June 03 2006
I never knew you liked them. <Br>weird.


June 03 2006
hahah. <br>ilyt.


June 03 2006
u got to go to the Underoath concert not friggin fair , I live in Alabama , dangit . Yeh I missed them when they came here this past year, there amazing. But yeh my life has been a blur recently too, it sucks. But yeh hope you get better. ttyl ~ sarah

tyler platt

June 03 2006
hey i hope you find the right thing that will always make you smile every time you see that guy and never hurt you i am sorry that jack a@# guys put out a bad name for the few that actually know how to treat a lady. your a sweet girl who needs a good man. sounds like a soap opra lol but love talking to you bye.


June 03 2006
thats crazy.. i was there too.. definitely one of their better concerts ive been to