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So we talked all night about the rest of our lives; where were gonna be when we turn 25...

May 10 2006

So this was June 3rd, 2005.
and October 31, 2004
and i've known this lady too long=)
she turned the big One Six today!!!

These People here {&& the lady behind the camera}
make my world a better place.
and put the little room in my heart for girls.

without this little lady..
I'd probably be unhappy,
and less caring.
she's kinda great.

This girl is a weirdo.
and we have way too much fun with chapstick.
haha {long story}

This girl makes my life worthwhile.
She lights up my life..
and i leart her.

Although he's a brat.
He's my favorite brat.
and we can act silly.
&& i get paid for it..crazy.haha.


they make choir worth it.
and are probably the coolest people ever.

I can't live without them.
we have too much history.

I'd be dead if she weren't around.
and she'd probably be a lot less crazy without me.
I guess it's good i have her.

She one of my best.
and one of the most caring.
I'm quite sure i need her no matter what.
she's just amazing.
everyone needs one of her.

My dad; he's a weird guy.
but i guess that's why he's so great..
i mean who else goes around walmart
just to play in the toy isle?

when i need drugs and i'm in a limo.
i know where to go.

We dont' talk much anymore
but we were great friends.
and i learned alot from him.

what a crazy guy.
he made my year much more fun.

This boy turns my grey sky blue.
&& he makes Geometry a little more bareable.
Plus; he's always up for a game of I never.

yeah so last night made me think;
life goes by too fast.
&& looking through these pictures
makes me realize
a.i take too many pics of myself.
b.I need more pics of the people i hang out with.


Hope everyone has a great week.
&& to all my seniors:

i'll miss you guys next week.

Teresa Smith

May 10 2006
awww. That made me smile. And tear up-- Ok the 2nd part wasn't really true...but it made my night..like seriously. I love you SOOOO much. Everyone needs a lil Sarah Sunshine to Brighten Up their Life. ♥

Jessica Byrd

May 10 2006
go mildred, i still pimp that uniform :pops collar: mwahahaha

Nick Hawkins

May 10 2006
And I am where?!?!


May 11 2006
cute pictures. now im in the mood for starbucks

Chelsey Montgomery

May 12 2006
ahhh drugs on the side of the road whenever we ned 'em-cheech!! hah that was so my party<3 haha aww i leart you sarah & cant wait to see you!!! &hearts;