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February 07 2006

I dyed my hair.

Nothing seems to be happening.
I become triple excited for WSS
I get to help with Make-up
I did that partly last year,
between dressing Brett in quick change,
and moving the stuff on stage...
but basically, i'm now a little more excited,
&& a little less bummed i didn't get stage manager.
Next weeke is Keith Urban week,
and also Travel week,
I'm going to Huntsville Tuesday
and then Knoxville Friday-Sunday.
I'm sooooooo excited!!!
but yes..
that's about it,
today was lame,
but oh well,
it's school.


"Stay Gold"-Stevie Wonder

Emilio Estevez

February 07 2006
i pretty much live in knoxville...what are you coming here for?

Chelsey Montgomery

February 07 2006
awwww i wish i was going. take lots of pics of keithy for me!! love you darlng. ♥

Chelsey Montgomery

February 07 2006
awww =( <br>dang, im not sure whats gonna happen with my ben. hah just dunno...

Emilio Estevez

February 07 2006
ah, my roomate is going to that concert. Knoxville...really isnt that exciting so good luck having fun...unless you can find some parties or something

Emilio Estevez

February 07 2006
i dunno...if you come up here and dont know anyone...it really isnt better than murfreesboro...but there are some advantages.


February 08 2006
hey isn't that phrase from the movie Anastasia? lylas

Teresa Smith

February 09 2006
I love you too. You're <b>amazing beyond compare</b>

Bekah Thoe

February 09 2006
Bekah updated! yay! haha i love you! you cease to amaze me ms. sarah! i love you soo much! -bekah!


February 12 2006
oh yeah, I totally knew that. <br>duh?

Teresa Smith

February 13 2006
I updated my Phusebox. Happy now? =) Love you girl.