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January 05 2006

♥ ♥ ♥
So nothings been going on.
I'm trying to get a job for West Side Story,
I signed up for Stage Manager
*crosses fingers*
but there are alot of
Older choir members
she might pick..
If I can't do that
I'll be a dresser again, or something.
You know what sucks,
when you have crushes.
Oiy. But it's fun.
I have about 2 1/2
&& none of them seem likely.
but it happens.

haha well yep, i've said what I had to say.

Let's make a scene
then blame it on our parents.

Emilio Estevez

January 05 2006
eh...seniority is bull...if you dont get the job, then kill the person that got it over you...that should free up room. If that fails...kill the director and take over their job.

Emilio Estevez

January 05 2006
the mafia can solve just about anything...

Jessica Byrd

January 05 2006
2 1/2......yeah......you're odd... see if i ever write you a note again! lol i love you!

Rachel Chase

January 06 2006
YEAH! i hope you get to be a stage manager you seem like an uber cool chick! ^^ and we need a cool stage manager for WSS so "be cool... real cool..." lol ^^

Chelsey Montgomery

January 06 2006
2 & a half. haha <br>lets make bags tonight. <br> haha? i love you&hearts;

Teresa Smith

January 06 2006
Seee...I only have 1/2 a crush. You're 2 point ahead of me. And no, I truly love u more...... I think? haha <3

Teresa Smith

January 06 2006
rawr. :)