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November 17 2005
You know how it feels,
When you just can't have a good day.
&& Everyday just seems ordinary?
I feel like that alot lately.
O well.
I have edited this,
it was utterly depressing.
I hung out with Reese today.
She made me smile.
then I ate chicken mcnuggets,
made me feel fat, but that's
what mickey'ds is for.

So anyway,
I have this thing called a phone.
&& You can call it,
cause I have free nights and weekends.
haha. yeah i'm a loser.
I think i'm gonna quit school
and become a tight rope walker,
Or maybe a human cannonball.
that would be wicked.
[to the extreme]
aye me,
that's my favorite saying.
along with none-the-less.
look i'll use them in a sentance:

Aye me, life is crazy, none the less, it's amazing.
yeah that's how it is.
haha I have no life,
I have to sing a song for
Speech, my mom wants me to sing Time Warp,
I'm up for it,
but it's hard to really sing I think.
Hrm, any ideas of songs?

Tounges are gross.
I realized that today.

anyone up for never never land?


November 17 2005
you'll do fine :] i've been scattered brained lately too. kind of stressed, that's why i have that coldsore--my mom says. and mom knows all, so i can't argue with that.. lol. yeah.. well, i had fun today. i like hanging out with you, hah. we'll do it next week.

Becca Hicks

November 17 2005
one of my writing things got picked to be published from my english teacher!! sweetness!!!! I love you. You are my sarah. You are not a boy. If I spent a day with you we would do anything we wanted. Worst thing about you is nothing. Best thing about you is everything. You and I are buddies. You are my sarah g.

Chelsey Montgomery

November 17 2005
sarah your a pretty pretty princess!! haha had fun with yall last night. you better wear your pants tomorrow ; ] love you dear. <3

Nick Hawkins

November 17 2005
we're going to never never land on our honeymoon darling...


November 17 2005
lol. relient kaaaaay