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I don't wanna know this time...I don't wanna hear I'm sorry♥

November 02 2005
Friends make me smile when I come to school crying.
They make me laugh and hug me real big.
They tell me they love me.

Funny how something so bad can ruin your day,
until you relize how many people care about you.
That happened today.
I was REALLY upset.
That's where my friends stepped in.
they love me.
I love them.
It's almost as good as Barney.
well. I don't have much to say, so i'm gonna go.



November 02 2005
sarah.. what happened? [p.s. // i miss seeing you.]

Chelsey Montgomery

November 02 2005
awwe i see.. that kinda day. well my dumb compuer has managed to kick me off AIM again. ughhhh. but i miss you. call me later or something. LOVE&hearts;

Anthony Myers

November 02 2005
Thats really sweet.

Jessica Byrd

November 02 2005
like barney minus the extreme purple color. what does that make me? the talking purple bird thingie? hahaha i love you!