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Kiss me like you did, [my heart stopped beating] such a softer Sin♥

October 27 2005
I made a bunch of cookies last night.
That's what happens when I am bored.
I get my braces off in January.
Exciting aye?
I'm probably not going to school tomorrow.
If you're in my classes, get my homework.
I'll probably come in before the start of school,
just to turn in my choir money and all that jazz.
So yeah. Catch me early I guess.
Today was pretty alright.
People are still talkin
some crap about me, but I'm not to phased by it.
I forgot my lucnh money,
so I had to borrow a dollar
[thanks Nick]
I hate borrowing money.
ugh....Concert tomorrow night,
it's a Salt and Pepper by Jackson heights,
and it's free...so yah, I'm friends with the band.
hah. Then Sunday is BOTB.

There is some crazy stuff on TV.
Thesse dudes are like poking holes in them.
It's some "becoming a man" thing.
I thought that's what puberty was for.
hah...I think I'm gonna get my cellular
this weekend...woop...That's about it.

I less than three you all<3

-Sarah Bearah

Forrest Gump:Pure love
I wanna watch that.
Anybody up for watchin Forrest Gump with me?

When I was in China on the All-American Ping Pong team, I just loved playing ping-pong with my Flexolite ping pong paddle."-Forrest Gump

Take a picture.
It'll last longer.
[ooo burn]


October 27 2005
awe. i love forrest gump. i always cry though. it never fails haha

Brett Tenpenny

October 27 2005
sarah.. i love you!!! your my favorite!

Chelsey Montgomery

October 28 2005
yeah you're online. i guess you didn't go to school.. you skipper you. haha ok i love you. ttyl<3