Music Major!!!!

September 14 2005
yeah I completely forgot I had this... hmmmm.... so I changed my major to Music Ed... correction Im trying to change my major to Music Ed. but considering its 2 1/2 weeks into the semester, they are trying to not let me... it sucks. I crammed harmony last night and I am almost caught up with the class and now they might not let me do it. I know Thurmond will let me in Clarinet Choir so I am definitely dropping my physics class! Heck yes!!! I hope Barham will let me in Harmony though, everyone says he will but his class is marked closed so who knows..... this is such a mess... give in and just be a music major from the start... cause you'll realize you miss it and how much you love it and all that good stuff!


September 19 2005
Well I hope everything goes well

Kylie Boy

October 09 2005
yay for music! lol...and u were like "I'm not being a music major..."