November 05 2005

It's just me, updating about my boring ass life, on Friday I went to Dani's house, hung out, and ate with Max, Frances, Cameron, and Greg, that was fun, but Max got in trouble so that sucks but other than that the night was fun.


October 31 2005

My house got rolled, I, alone, with a hoe, went out there and cleaned it up with the hoe from the tree tops that the toilet paper was in. I am 99% sure who did it, and believe me there will be hell to pay.


October 28 2005
Hello people of the phuse. I am currently updating here at school, hahahahahaha, they can't stop me!

Help me

October 27 2005
Ok I am new to Phusebox and I need some help on figureing everything out, I'll talk to you later.