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Fourth of July

July 04 2006
Well, today is the Fourth of July.  This is probably my favorite holiday.  Not only because I love fire and things that go boom, and tons of food, but because it is a perfect time to let the troops know you support them, regardless if we are in a war or not.  Whether or not you support the War in Iraq, our soldiers are over there because they were sent to.  The soldiers don't decide to goto war, it's the politicians who do that.

So, I ask that today you put your politics aside and realize how great of a country you actually live in.  Also, if you see someone in a military uniform, thank them for their service.  Without people like them, you wouldn't have the freedoms that you do now.

This may sound like a pointless rambling post, but I'm sorry, because it's a touchy subject for me.  Every male in my family who I am blood related to (and all the guys who married into my family except for 1 or 2) are either in the military, have been in before, or retired military.  Especially with me leaving in less than 2 weeks, supporting the military is one of my biggest points I'm trying to get across to people before I leave.

I guess I will leave you all with that, even though not many people will ever read this.

Semper Fi.

The Dark Lord Satan

July 05 2006
indeed i am!