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March 25 2006
go here instead: www.xanga.com/tah

youll thanks me later.......maybe not


January 16 2006
well i have no stitched open wounds ( does that make any sense? whatever) and i cant wait to get a new job. any suggestions? monotonous is ok, sharp things not ok, cooking ok if not fast food. help me out


a scary thought

November 13 2005
when something is deemed a "spree", there is usually 3 of whatever it is right?If im on an injury spree, and ive only been hurt twice,(see below for second injury)am i destined to mutilate myself again in some freak kitchen accident???? funny thing is, i might be setting a trend, i hurt myself quite badly 3 TIMES, 10 years ago. maybe every 10 years, i **** myself up a little more.

(second injury)-opening aluminum can lid, slid and gashed my middle finger very deep, deep enough to be stiched, but i didnt feel like it.

Im Back

November 09 2005
Its been a few weeks, but im totally better. I feel so free from the finger incarcerations that were my casts(goodbye cobra!).It made me so happy when all you guys posted for me, and all the people that supported were so awesome. Thanks guys!!!!!!!

If you had to lose a limb, what would it be?(arm, leg, head,eye)

therapy today

October 03 2005
im not posting much because it sucks to type with only one finger.

tyler+broken glass=#$%!

September 28 2005
well, im not at school today, because i have a big hole in my finger. So i was about to hit the sack last night, washing a few dishes, and i drop a cup into the sink, and it breaks. I dont know why, but I reflexely went to grap it, only to grap the sharp broken edge. I cut not only the tendon to move the last section of my ring finger, but the nerve ending as well. My mom took me to the emergency room at 12:30 AM, only to sit and wait for 1 HOUR before they helpled me. So i cant move or feel the last part of my ring finger. Today, i scheduled to see a hand surgeon, to find when it needs to be operated upon.

ISNT THAT THE BEST THING THAT COULD HAPPEN TO ME RIGHT NOW????? *$#766%5#78798)*%^$&*&*(&#$!#$%^&

im trying not to flip out, see how i can hardly play my drums, right in the middle of competition season.


September 18 2005
ok, band competition, we got 2nd,anyway this is how i feel. The percussion and color guard worked our asses off with 3 hours extra on top of the bands normal 3. so thats 6 hours. we had 3 hours on thursday, 6 hours on friday as well as a football game, and 6 hours on saturday. but it payed off, percussion tied for best in show, and guard got 1st overall. but the band got second.

///////////////////You Know Why?\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Because the WINDS didnt practice as much as we did, so we lost. how do ya like that.
sorry if i offended anyone, thats just how i feel.

chchchchchcheck it

September 11 2005
**harmonizes with brother**
check this out. click the "start" button and go to "settings" then go to control panel and select "speech". type random crap on it and it will read it back to you....very fun.

its too late for AP

September 01 2005
pretty sure AP stands for Advanced Placement, but it should stand for Angry Popsicle, it would get more respect with a name like that....no? oh whatever...well, if ur comin to the game (siegel vs oakland) watch siegel band and ill be one of the guys with the 5 drums on a carrier. see me, i shall rock you with my solo. ill be center field and you WONT miss me, i promise.

OAKLAND'S GARBAGE! siegel beat oakland 20-14, freakin awesome

Hokay, so. Here is de earth.......chillin...dame

August 22 2005
if my stepdad died, i not lose ANY sleep....that sums up my feelings at the moment. Got DRUM SOLO music, oh yeah.....pretty excited.

who is your favorite celebrity?

its over

August 13 2005
band camp is over, i got a very dark tan, accompanied by a harsh farmers tan.....not cool.

school is starting up and i got some really fun classes..but i have to wake up and have AP Eng III first period, ugh.

i need to become about 4 inches shorter, any suggestions?


August 05 2005
birthday times for meh...


July 31 2005
katies birthday party was w00t. swam, ate, watched little boys be idiots on "Boy Meets World", watched one of the biggest chick flicks ever, "Mean Girls".....good times.

what is your favorite movie?


July 30 2005
went to DCI....F***ING AMAZING.....i LOVE seeing the Drum Corps, but at the same time, they make feel bad because they are like, "I AM THE SHIT"...and it makes me feel like "I AM SHIT", but it was totally amazing.I think the Cadets had a better show than the Cavies, but the Cavies have better drill....if anyone actually thought about those things except me.

3rd-Blue Devils
4th-Phantom Regiment
5th-Madison Scouts
6th-Blue Coats
7th-Carolina Crown


July 27 2005
well, percussion camp started, 8:30am-4pm every day.....so much fun.....carrying a set of tenor drums for a long time=not fun.

very very tired.....cant concentrate.....slEeeEEEeEEEeEp......

what up

July 18 2005

i went to the Underground Lock-in on saturday. It was freakin awesome. 10pm-7am, oh yeah.

not much to say today. wait, i finally started my summer reading!! I like the Great Gatsby...its...oddd, but i like it.


July 11 2005
hmmmmmm........ummmmm.........(thinks really hard)

OH YEAH! 2+2=4! i finally remembered...wait....

relatives are in town, 2 aunts(pronounced AHnt) and an uncle, with 5 COUSINS.....they are fun and nice until they fired up and then they are not so fun when they are drowning you in the pool.....but yeah

i realized this right now....when you are young, its fun to do stuff that older people do, but when you are older, you want to do what younger kids do, like make pillow forts or go to the playground....ahhhh youth


#%@& you computer!

July 06 2005
well i screwed up my profile pic....rawr....
one would think that the technology you buy might actually work once in a while (sigh)

got home from drivers ed today only to work until 6 nuking the house with every substance known to mankind. yes....even cocaine.

but now i have to go to the store on my cute little bike to buy some coke and milk....my favorite thing to do....leave the house.

entertain me with your witty remarks, best joker gets a cookie.
until next time........

she could kill you with a wink of her eye....

July 05 2005
what up kids

fireworks show was kewl, hung out with katie, kim,kyle and kelly(((it was a good day for people with names that began with the letter K)))....it was groovy
but i gashed my leg on a metal spike at MTSU, and i dont really need my leg, so does anyone know a good doctor to amputate?

cookie to anyone who can tell me what song the line that titles this post is from......