December 31 2005
So I went to the movie theatre and asked them if they still had those free music download cards.  Well get this, they gave me 9, yes NINE!!!  SO after contemplating (or "thinking" for those C- students) on what songs I should get, I finally Chose these:

1. Diverse City - TobyMac
2. Intruding Again - TruDog
3. 'Til the Day that I Die - Third Day
4. Getaway Car - TobyMac    ...didn't really like this one...
5. Here is Our King - David Crowder Band
6. A Beautiful Collision - David Crowder Band
7. Do Not Move - David Crowder Band
8. Wire - Third Day

and some other song by David Crowder Band...

Not to mention the other two I got the other night:

1. Jesus Freak - DC Talk
2. Catchafire(Remix) - TobyMac


If I slip, will they catch me, or watch me fall?!
I am walkin' on a WIRE!"

Matt Beck

January 01 2006
have you ever looked at www.allofmp3.com ? .02 per megabyte in any encoding flavor you want. I download all my music in 128 AAC / MPEG4 (same format as iTunes)

Matt Beck

January 01 2006
I know you like switchfoot http://music.allofmp3.com/mp3/Switchfoot/group_13669/albref_53/mcatalog.shtml

Laura White

January 03 2006
haha thanks for the great comments!! i love walmart! lol! ttys! beyee <3laura

ennazus bmal

January 05 2006
idk why i'm in that group....maybe i'm GAY! kiddingggg i am not a lesbo.