Hendersonville, Coldplay, and earrings...

September 19 2005
Alright... let me touch on my weekend and my Monday... and maybe even tomorrow.

1. Saturday (Hendersonville Golden Invitational) - First, I would like to congradulate(sp) the color guard and percussion. You guys worked so hard for those trophies. Color guard got best in class and best in show, and percussion got best in class and second in show. The horn line recieved second in class and second in show. I can't say that I am happy about the rankings, but I am proud that we did our best and that the majority of us weren't sore losers. I know that I made some mistakes, but they are all fixable. I just have to try harder, just like everyone else.

Over all, the practice, the show, and the bus rides were fun. If I could take back one thing, it would have to be that I wasn't concentrating enough in practice. I think that if we had all gotten our act togeather, and worked even harder than what we did, we would have pulled it off. But, once again, I am proud of our best.

2. Sunday (Coldplay) - :SIGH: Coldplay... that was fun. I went to the concert with Rebekah Minor. She picked me up around 6ish and we got to Starwood around 7ish. She is alot of fun. Evan is a lucky guy.

I do believe that I smelled of marijuaina(sp), cigerettes, and beer when I came home. There were 5 or 6 kids smokin' some green and everyone else was smoking cigerettes and drinking. It was pretty disgusting.

Anyway, I am pretty sure that the Coldplay show was the best concert I have ever seen. I did enjoy Blink 182 more, but, It wasn't like Coldplay. The Coldplay concert was... I don't know... easier to listen too. The songs were great, the lights and screen show was amazing... I just couldn't find anything to complain about.

Speaking of Blink 182... I think I am growing out of them. I mean, I still enjoy to listen to them, but they are just too immature for my tastes now. I am kinda leaning towards the Coldplay, Enya, Jimmy Eat World kinda thing. I don't really know though... so, don't get your hopes up.

3. My earring - Yes... You heard me right. I finally talked my parents into letting me pierce(sp) my ear. I got a stainless steel stud on my left ear. The only bad thing is, I had to agree to keep my hair shortish untill I moved out. It's all good though.

4. M.T.S.U. Honor Chior - Tomorrow... I do not have to attend Siegel High School, for I am going to be at Middle Tennessee State University, singing with the rest of the Chamber Chior, as well as chiors from all over middle Tennessee.

so, have fun at school...

Untill next time,

:EDIT: Happy two month Amanda! It has been great!

Abby Dee

September 20 2005
eek, i'm sorry i was asleep :pout: i've been soooo tired, lately. =/


September 20 2005
sigh... i can't believe you got an earring... but you can still be my hero!

Abby Dee

September 20 2005
i write to you from keyboarding class: GERMANI sais "hi" < 3 (so do i)

Kelly Sullivan

September 20 2005
Wait, you were at Coldplay? I was at Coldplay! Where did you sit?? Gahh, a near brush with the online entity known as Stubbs....


September 20 2005
where did u get ur ear pierced ?


September 20 2005
yeah, your ear piercing is super radd-x0 Nice seeing you Brett&hearts;


September 20 2005
all 7 of 'em..haha


September 21 2005
yay for coldplay and piercings!


September 22 2005
It's been great for me too!!! Except for the scare shane gave you and joke he made....I'm so sorry!