hi. conversation.. in mr's room

May 16 2006
MICHAEL [paranada]

nuh uh..

michael Paranada

wow ashley went to the bathroom, and me and jon are here by the computer.....i want a cookie

paranada did sumtin bbaadd alang ka lang ka le le
there is a crazy killer in the room and that is oru mom

what did you do?? for real? you lying.. send what? liar! liar!!!!!!! kidding.. FINE! you gay! just walk away.. fine.. i'm out.. bell's gonna ring.. bye


he agrees!

he likes men..


April 25 2006
today.. i'm typing on mr. guthire cuz i'm bored.. yeah.. and i have to go to the bathroom.. i have to go.. kay bye..

my spring break so far..

April 01 2006

Saturday - Tuesday = Tennis tournament on oahu.. and yeah it rained.. haha..

Wednesday = went to the movies... watched Stay Alive...

Thursday = went to go hit with the guys..

Friday = went to the beach.. finally.. BUT i couldn't get the tan on my feet. darnit!

this is hard.

March 23 2006
we have this science test on the table of elements and it's hard.. more then half the elements we have to remember.. i can't even said it.. ugh! hopefully i do good.. i'll study during 2nd period.. haha.. well, hey meg! have a fun trip.

I'm back..

March 11 2006
Well, the tennis team went off island.. and it was awesome.. and super fun.. haha.. lots of laughter.. girls team won.. but the guys team lost.. ='( sad i must say.. oh well  it's okay.. =( haha.. jk.. well, life is SCREWED up!!!! well for me.. i mean nothing else can wrong when everything that didn't before did.. oh boy.. i knew everything i thought were too good to be true.. wasn't at all.. how stupid can a girl get.. i swear.. i feel so stupid... and i'm trying to get over him.. oh yeah.. you hear that.. i'm TRYING.. only if i could.. so fast so easily.. how can one forget that they could feeling for one and move on.. for another.. that's bull! i don't like what i feel for a person i know it can't ever happen.. haha.. i felt sooooo emo on the plane or when i put my head down.. but claire guys came and made me laugh loads of times.. but happiness can only hold and last for how long.. not too long right.. sometimes i wish things just didn't go that way.. break one's heart.. go for another and break theirs too.. what the heck! what's wrong with them all.. ugh! sorry.. i'm just mad.. well, i'm be going.. and hey chEEkie! have fun on your trip!!!!!! i saw megahen guys there at the terminal! haha.. it was funny seeing you guys there.. well, adios!

i wanna cry..

March 10 2006
seriously.. i really do.. nothing i ever do works.. and jeta probably hates me for things.. i give up! i wish i don't have feelings for him.. and i feel soo stupid... he totally likes "her" a lot more.. she's smarter, nicer and is not as stupid as i am.. i wish i disappeared.. i really wanna fade away.. i'll cry and yeah.. bye..


March 08 2006
Hellow everyone!
what's up.. i'm guessing it's good.. and yeah.. i'm bored and typing this out on mr.'s computer.. yeah.. hey megan if you get it.. i can't do it. and tyler and johnny guys watching me do it.. and ugh! it's like lunch and there's nothing to do.. well, me and claire lost 6-3, 4-6, 3-6.. sad too.. i wanna cry.. and tyler is like teasing me on how i type and how i played last night. =( well, alot are going on and i'm not gonna tell.. haha.. okay adios!..

Poem i wrote earlier..

March 05 2006

well.. this is what i felt on thursday and it doesn't involve anything i mean.. i was just super emotional.. mixed feelings were just a pain in the butt.. and yeah.. haha.. you guys are lucky.. i didn't post this on my myspace or xanga.. so yeah.. have fun enjoying it.. i really know you guys feel this way at times.. don't lie..

Fake Anything

I can no longer pretend,
ignoring the events affected.
I'll fake my smile
so you can't see my emotions.
I'll close my eyes
so you can no longer see my tears.
I"ll quit what I"m feeling
to impress and please you.
I'll quit everything I enjoy
to give up everything I haven't yet to do.
'I'm sorry' is not what I mean
because I'm only acting this way.
I gave up my life
to give mines to you to have and torture.
I won't try to be myself
because you forced me to.
I'll build a wall to hide inside
so you can't hear me crying for help.
I'll learn what apathy is
so when I finally feel what it is to not care.
I'll ignore what love is.
I'll forget what my friends were to me and live life alone.
I'll soon banish fron reality
and my emotions will rot away in the wind.
I'm gonna pretend I'm even alinve
so I canwait for death to open that door.
I'm never to run back to my "home"
but live in the shadows swallowed in the dark.
I'll fake this happiness I may feel,
I'll stab all comfort I may get to feel better.
I shall destroy those memories and erase that and my well-being.
I'm pretendto understand and lie the truth away.
All have lies to me and I'll no longer laugh.
I'll sing thing lullaby and hope you sleep
and I'll disappear.. no longer there..
I won't mean to and can't be lyrical.
but for now... I'll fake that laugh you hear.. smile..
I'll fake anything..


March 02 2006
hey it's me skysailor! i know i've never been on this thing since.....a week ago.. sorry.. well i'm a high school student and yeah.. yeah! i got #4 on my high school tennis team.. oh yay! and megan's been wanting me to get on this thing for a while so yeah. hey megan! ohhhhhh! i'm going to oahu during spring break and hopefully i don't get stuck in jon's room.. that would suck so bad.. and i think i'm rooming with my buddies claire and tiffany.. my tennis sisters..i know.. the last time was super fun. i taught them how to reheat dinner.. and we got to go to the movies and watch mr. and mrs. smith.. it was a great movie... and we played cards and stuff.. but this year we don't have katie and kainoa.. wahhhhhhh!!! and yeah.. it was the best trip i ever went on and hopefully this trip will be more fun than before.. and i'm rooming with juniors! better. than rooming with kerrie-ann.. she talks alot.. well, adios! class's gonna start