September 03 2005
i broke my 2 month record...i am so sorry everyone..i know no one reads thats why i put that..its just that everythings going on now, and its hell.....
I hate it
I am alone
I am alone in this world of mine
that i have created...
Everyone visits...
But no one stays but me..
The sign says "vacancy"
But there is no more room..
Until i meet that supposid
One person..
who will change my life....
but for now..


July 15 2005
ah yes another phusebox entry...i to Tourniquet Remix on my mixed CD of that all i listen to? i guess so, yes i guess...that, otep, juliette and the licks, COF, the cranberries, and seether...

Evanescence Rocks!

July 08 2005
wow i've just had this encore of Evanescence today..nothing unusual...i love the song You and Solitude!!!!!!! well we were home alone today and the day before yesterday because parents went to Tunica (gambling) and it was all fun and games..still home alone... theyre coming here at 7... yeah i know im funnny i need my calm down pills think i shall play....well it picked for i guess im listening to Broken..oh and i got a new friend! hah so backoff bitches! no favorites here! lol i like that power.."____ would like to be your Friend" Accept or Decline.. DECLINE BITCH! or if the person seems interesting (which they always do) i click accept..its really weird to the really God people ask to be friends so anyone comment about and i will start drawing alot soon after my cousin and aunt leave which is tomarrow kristen..dont get worried! lol.. just a few more lines..and YES ive made an entry to where i have to scroll the bar reminds me of an elevator..that i can go crazy with yay lets shake up the little people inside! wow im weird..leave me and.............PUBLISH!

fourth of july!

July 04 2005
wow i was supposed to go to kristens today i think...but i think she was kidding if i wanted to go there or if i totally picked up the wrong message and basically invited myself..and if i did pick up the wrong message then the whole message on her voicemeail is kinda anyways..yeah ms.duncan im funny..yay fourth of july woo hoo america! lol land of the free..

today... i think its....yepp...its the 3rd..

July 03 2005
i like this thingy..its pretty nifty...not as good as xanga..but thats just my personal opinion...ah..havent done anything wiccany...--tear--..and sydney i used some of your answers on the survey below because most of your answers were me! lol its not plagurism..its just...copying!!! lol.. im putting up new pictures..


June 25 2005
TEN Random Things About Me
10. even though its the hottest night in the world..i still sleep with a blanket.. 9.i taught myself how to swim 8. i want really dark hair.. 7.i am a neat freak.. 6.i can write poetry because anyone can write just open up to it.. 5.want to meet amy lee.
4. i'm bored out of my mind
3.i can't roll my tongue. socks dont match..1. i ruined my Evanescence DVD.

NINE Places I've Visited
9.Florida. 8 south.california
7.callies house
6.jennifers house
5.ohio aunt's house
3.kristens house
2.jordans house
1.the hospital

EIGHT Things I want to do before I die
8.go skydiving
7.get married
6.go to England and stay there for a week or 2 Amy Lee
4.make my own loaf of bread
3.finish my and kristens portfolio thingy
2.fulfill my Wiccan destiny
1.write a book

SEVEN Ways to win my heart
6.listen to the rain
5.being honest
4.being able to "see the music"
3.strong willed
2.gotta be a psycho like me
1.believe in real magick (love, true love, destiny, soul mates)

SIX Things I believe in
5.miracles 4.the power of the spoken word
3.the Loch Ness "monster"

FIVE Things I'm afraid of
5.spiders with no purpose
3.being in tight enclosed spaces
2.fall from a high space
1. drowing (my phobia)

FOUR of my favorite items in my bedroom bed stereo
2. my desk window

THREE things I do everyday
3. poop
2. laugh
1. take a shower

TWO things I am trying not to do right now
2. cant think of anything.......
1. .....................

ONE PERSON I want to see right now
1. ummm....probably Callie ( i dont like her but we have a few things to talk out..)

June 25....i think..

June 25 2005
wow first blog debating to keep updating this thing or just to make it so i can comment on peoples phusebox sites...